Saturday, December 5, 2009

T-4 days.

so, I have my finals on wednesday and thursday.

Physiology on the afternoon of wednesday, and pharmacology on the morning of thursday.

it seems so close, and so far away.. all i know, is that I will be burrowing my nose into my books, and into my notes for the next couple days. One of my classmates and i have come up with a good solution to "Studying" together. via skype. we just sit studying, and when a question comes up, we internet chat about it. pretty good solution, but, am tied to my computer right now, and that is annoying.

I ran a santa shuffle this morning. My first 5-km "test." My tri (life?!?!) coach will use this as a marker for my progress. And, my shuffle was a bit quicker than a shuffle, which i was happy about. I was a little concerned that since all I have done in the last 4 weeks is bike and swim, that my running legs would be questionable. especially that ankle. but, needless to say... it was pretty darn good. The weather was nice (about 3 or 5 degrees), dry, and no wind or snow. There were probably about 75-100 people there, many with santa hats, and elf feet. so, festive. i like festive things.

and, it gave me a time to stop thinking about GABA receptors, and Brain structure, and teratogens and hormones and the nervous system and... and... and....

and, a funny note on all of this, we have been talking "contraceptives." and, in looking up info about it, i came across this. pretty ridiculous in my books, for sure. sure, you go ahead and try that. sit in a sauna everyday for 2.5 months. then let's see if we can't get preggers. that screams reliability to me. :rolleyes:

shoot, I am ready for a 2 week break over christmas. two weeks from now, i will be calmly sitting in the house of my extended family :)

oh yeah. and... i am thinking of making a move away from Facebook. just letting you know. but. don't tell anyone. but, if you read this, and are a facebook friend, don't be offended if one day, i am just not there anymore...

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