Wednesday, December 23, 2009

christmas smells and relaxed days

I think that is exactly what christmas is supposed to be about.

I am currently in Mississauga, ON. which, is a every present western suburb of Toronto. If you are reading, and you are Canadian, you know that going to Toronto for christmas is not necessarily what everyone wants to do. I have even had a sympathetic "oh. i'm sorry." statement. THat is... unless, of course, you are *from* toronto. Then, it is the only place you want to be! ohhhh, the irony of being Canadian, and your opinion about Toronto.

But, to me, right now, it is pretty much P.E.R.F.E.C.T. this is the first time in years that I have spent christmas with family. And, this is a family of which I have not maybe *Ever* spent christmas with. And, can they do christmas. I am sitting beside a wonderfully smelling, decorated tree, and, downstairs my cousin is wrapping presents in the kitchen (i am already done!), and my aunt is baking cookings, and cooking meals for tomorrow.

It is such a relief to not have to do anything. I have no schedule, no work to do (well, hardly any work), and no one that I have to see. I just do what I want to do, and I relax. and I watch movies. And, i write letters. And, I work out. and, I eat. and i breathe a sigh of relaxation of having nothing to stress about.

It is kinda neat, because this year, my family on this side has had a large amount of "coming" together, when it has not happened like this before. I am out east, so I get to spend time with the pattersons. My cousin (who is here), got into law school in Edmonton, so she is living at a house which is owned by our other cousin, and gets to see him more often (which is the part of the family that she has not seen much over lifetime, but, I have). so, these [re]connections are being made throughout our family. which is really nice.

two things which are happening during this week, though, which I have had to just laugh about.
1) I am eating meat. probably will be consistantly over the next two weeks, while here. how, if you know, I am a mostly vegetarian. but, since I don't like to be a big hassell when other people are cooking for me: meat, i will eat. we shall see how it goes... ha ha! all I gotta say is that my GI defininitely feels a little different...
2) I don't have my bike here. So, I am limited to what I am "allowed" to do in the house. I can ride my uncle's bike. but, apparently, not until after christmas eve. because my Aunt doesn't want smelly sweat workouts downstairs until *after* christmas. (which, is *totally* understandable.)

love it. love christmas.

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