Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Snow day

so, every once and a while, I post a "hilarity of life" tag.

today is one of those days.
it started snowing in the early morning today. probably at about 6 or 7am. I write my physiology exam this afternoon, at 2 pm, and my pharmacology exam tomorrow morning at 9am.

So, after my 8hours sleep last night, and good breakfast (ps... i *gotta* ween myself off bowls of quinoa for breakfast. as delicious as it is, i think it needs to be a treat, not a habit. sigh....) of quinoa, a banana, yogurt and coffee, i made the trek to school. and, any reasonable person would have taken the public transit.

but, not i.
i decided to walk.

and, i find it hilarious that i put on the same clothes that I would wear out on a weekend winter hiking trip on the west coast, in order to go to school.

so, this is why they call canada "The great white north."
at one point in my life, i remember the wonder that came with the snowfall. maybe i have become jaded with my living in somewhat temperate climates for the last 8 years. yes, it is pretty....but... when you expect the next 8 months!? and, as i was walking, i was laughing because this is ridiculous! it has only been snowing for about 4 hours, and we already have 6cm or so.

and on the day of the two biggest exams this semester. sigh. irony.

ha! hilarious. i looked hilarious this morning. i wish i had a photo.

so, it is now post-physiology.
and, i guess "the hilarity" continued. sigh. but, this was not the good part of the hilarity. I don't understand how something I was feeling so confident with seemed so hard. and, i am so frustrated right now. it was like, i forgot some of the most basic things, and i don't know why. and, if this was the way it was with physiology, i am now scared to s*it about my pharmacology exam tomorrow. ARGH.

so, i am going to get on my bike for my workout, before i start to cry.

but, now that the wind has stopped blowing... the snow *is* rather nice.

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