Saturday, December 19, 2009

i was just thinking...

about so many things...

about the things that have happened this past week.
about poverty.
about what i like about triathlon.
about christmas events and the current advent season and the feeling in the air...

Earlier this week, I had the unfortunate occurrence of having my wallet, apartment keys and cell phone stolen out of my pocket. Even more unfortunate, it was at a place where things are meant to be safe. A place where people should be able to relax, and not be worried about things going missing, or whatnot. and, this is the second time that something of mine has been stolen at church. and, it is quite ironic. but, i choose to go to churches that have outreaches to individuals who are of lower income, individuals who may be homeless, individuals who live in poverty.

and, i have been dealing with poverty on a number of different levels recently, but, this incident got me thinking about a few things.... not as much of the *Causes* of poverty, but what effects poverty causes... things like decreases health, and lack of attainable education, and a drive towards addiction, and lack of access to adequate housing.
but, beyond those things, how poverty can make someone feel scared.unwanted.desperate.

was i upset about getting my things stolen?
of course.
am i worried about "identity theft" in the future? well, maybe. i mean, yeah. it is in the back of my head.
am i ticked off that this is the second major theft that I have had at church? definitely. it stings a bit.
am i angry at the individual who did it?

no. not really. i am angry at the things that drove him/her to do it. and, i am incredibly saddened that they felt so desperate that they had to be driven to steal from someone that they know.

it also has tainted a few opinions i have. I mean, i try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I try to think 1st: no, it was me. I mis-placed it. then, when i know i haven't that: "well, obviously these people need it more than me. maybe they will buy groceries."

but, then when they travel down (using my bus tickets...) to the local liquor store, and then charge up 50$ worth of alcohol on my visa... well... really. 'comon. you are definitely living up to stereotypes that people place upon you. but, jokes on you: you just stole from the poorest, non-homeless person in the city! ;)

but, remember: the poor. the homeless. the desperate. they are always with us. and, they aren't just in africa or asia, or in the slums. open your eyes. they are all around you, and know that sometimes, they don't necessarily look like you think they do.
and, i will return to that church. And, i will return to the church in vancouver where my computer was stolen last may. Because, i will not let anyone, physical or spiritual, discourage me from sharing meals with the homeless.

on a much lighter note:

it is coooooold outside. and it is wintery. and when I breathe, my boogers freeze. and, when i blink, sometimes i feel like my eyes are going to freeze shut.

but, yet, i run. :)

because, it *is* beautiful. this morning when running, i got plenty of sun. I saw people that have become recognizable during my saturday morning runs. I like how in the park, there is music playing around the area where there is a outdoor skating rink. i like how in that same park, they *plow* tobogganing routes down the hill.

during my run this morning around the park, and I got thinking about the crazy things we do as athletes. and, also the reasons why i like training for triathlon.

some of the crazy things that I, or other people I know, do in the name of sport:
  • wake up at obscene times of the morning. like 4:30 am.
  • in those insane times of the morning, and we know that if we try to call each other, it isn't like the other person will be sleeping.
  • we do *a lot* of laundry.
  • we brave the frigid air bundled up with numerous layers, and balaclavas around our faces, in order to not go on a treadmill. or, alternatively, we run outside in shorts, when there is snow on the ground.
  • we towel ourselves off like we just got out of the pool, after we have been sitting on a bike in our house for an extended period of time.
  • sometimes we exercise for periods much longer than 2hours at a time. in fact: we celebrate if our day only has 2 hours of exercise in it.
  • we spend a lot of money on athletics. think about it. we pay for 3 sports, not just one.
  • we prefer to date people who go to sleep at 9:30. that means that they will understand our schedule better.
  • we eat all the time.
some of the things I like about training:
  • it makes running the 10 blocks to the metro much easier when i miss the bus in the morning.
  • it allows me to watch t.v or movies when otherwise i would not have the time, thanks to setting up my computer in front of my bike when training (today on the schedule? Ice Age 3!)
  • i get to eat all the time.
  • racing allows me to take fun trips: i have raced in Amman, jordan (my first 1/2 marathon, 2007), LA (a 1st place athena finish at the olympic distance in 2008), and New Orleans (my first 70.3, april 2009). i have also traveled with rowing, all across north america.
  • i get to wear really tacky outfits when outside, with the excuse that I have to be warm, and layer up.
  • it makes me a better student. i can concentrate better, and release the exam stress by working out.
  • sometimes, i get to sleep for 12 hours straight (like, for instance, last night!)
  • my training, and my racing, inspires other people.
so, that is about it for now. I am sure that the next time that I post, I will be in Missisauga for the holidays. yeehaw! (oh yeah. and, i'm not sure if you got it. but, i am not in new york state. scheduling just didn't work out. oh well. no worries. instead, a nice relaxed weekend at home catching up on a lot of things!)

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