Saturday, April 4, 2009

First time ever! IMNOLA

so, i already want to sign up for next year's race..... but, to tell you the truth, i can think about training in Montreal, and I don't think that I can handle it. but, oh man... i already want to do it soooooo bad.... in addition,

i love this place. i love the architecture, I love the cafes on the streets, i love the multiculturalism. I love that the people i have met here, i feel like i have known them forever. they have been my friends forever, and everyone here is for one reason: the 70.3 tomorrow.

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This city is crazy, and when i think about how much this race is bringing into the city, i think that it is so good for it. it is a city that is not physically active. A city that has had so much devestation, and needs so much help. so, to have 3000+ athletes coming and throwing money into the economy, and showing people what it takes to do a ridiculous feat of athleticism.

I have now set up my gear, filled my bottles, and collected my nutrition. it is about bedtime, and i know that all i can do is all i can do. so, here we go.

beautiful city, beautiful people, and a beautiful goal. I am as ready as possible! and, it is really so exciting!

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Amanda said...

can't wait to hear how it went. You are amazing to me!