Monday, April 13, 2009

random easter monday thoughts...

so, it was easter this weekend. a quiet, relaxing four-day weekend. And, i had nothing to do.

anthropology paper: finished.
imnola: finished.
master's degree: finished.

woo! it was ridiculous. today, i just thought "what the heck. i am bored." i had no idea what to do with myself. What do people do all day long!? anyone!?

On saturday afternoon, i went on a hike with my good friends Erik and Celine, on the northshore to walk Erik's dog. Up at the seymour preservation forest, which (oddly enough), i have never been too. The rainforest here on the west coast is amazing. and, as i was walking, i realized how much I am going to miss this. this being the outdoors, and the beautiful accessibility of the mountains and ocean and temperate weather.

so, here is a picture of me, sitting on an old water (?) pipe.

easter has been nice. i think that my favourite service in the church calendar is maundy thursday. what an epic idea. i think god was quite on top of it when he did that whole foot washing thing.

i am on a "oh no. i am approaching a weight that blinks a flashing red caution, you are approaching fatness." diet. ha ha! not really, i just feel that over the time that I was writing my thesis, my healthy eating habits when down the drain. So, I want to really be on top of that prior to going to haiti, because when in a developing country, you don't really have as much control over what you eat. so, I want to take advantage of it now.

racing a 10km on sunday. the sun run. north america's 2nd largest 10km race. should be pretty fun :) going to try for a 10km pb... perhaps approach 45 mins? but, there are always so many people there, it is pretty hard to get a pb...

planning on racing at shawnigan lake on may 24th. decided for the olympic distance. it is cheaper, and allows me time to not be as ridiculous about training as i pack my house up. (eeep! am i thinking about that already!?)

some photos from NOLA. thank you facebook.

at the breakfast diner, day before raceday...

at the burger and beer joint. following race. Donna, Zach, Kirsten, me.

Hammering on the bike!!!

Hydrating on the bike :)

Pre-raceday practice swim. Kirsten broke her toe just prior to this :(
Me, Zach, Donna, Mary, Kirsten, Christian


Transition 2!

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