Monday, March 16, 2009

what constitutes busy?

so, in the last week and a half, I have had quite a few individuals congratulate me on handing my my thesis. To them, I say thanks. but it is so funny... it took me all of a day and a half to realize that the work is not quite done yet.

with references, and appendices, my thesis is about 120 pages long. Try to fit 120 pages, into a 1/2 hour power point presentation, on which you may have up to 3 rounds of questions afterwards. it is hard work too.

couple that with a medical anthropology paper that is going to examine health seeking behaviour and spirituality among HIV/AIDS patients in rural haiti,

sprinkle in at least 10 hours of different types of transition training this week (oh my gosh!!! can i say 3 weeks!?!?)

and finally top it off with organizing fund raising events for my TMI trip...

i still feel busy busy busy. and, i can't wait for it to end. i am tired.

but, I want to tell you about what i did on sunday. it was a miserable day here in Vancouver... sleety snow, rain, and lots of wind. ('comon. who do i have to remind around here that it is march!?!?) So, I spent the day (most of it, at least) inside, with 4 of my girlfriends from work. we went to a place called raw canvas in yaletown. check out the link. Now, it was somewhat expensive, but I ended up buying to canvases to paint on... and, it was amazing. I am definitely not an artist, but it was such a great way to relax, to be introverted while there are still people around, to listen to good music, and to do something that I never do. to try something new. and, i realized how addicting something like that can be. the one thing that was somewhat awesome was how different the paintings from each of us 5 girls turned out. and, it is all an expression of what is in our heads. i will post a picture of my paintings soon :)

I don't know who this person is who quoted this, but i just found it on my friend's facebook page. and, it almost made me have a little tear. i think this is a beautiful thought...

"loving someone is like dipping into eternity -- like dipping into the very heart of God, and realizing that love itself is a sign of the Divine." Chris Campbell

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