Wednesday, March 25, 2009

walking on sunshine!

so, life is good. life is very good :)

amazing things that have happened recently, and are going to happen...

I am a master of science in rehabilitation. I completed my M.Sc Thesis defense with great comments and positive feedback. the presentation was great, and i knew the answers to all the questions.

I have gotten into McGill University for a direct-entry, 3 year, master of nursing program which will allow me to be a RN, and also focus on global/international healthcare.

I am going to haiti over the summer.

In a week and a half, I am racing my first 1/2 ironman, and while I am at it, I get to see two of the people that I love the most in the world.

Life is good. And, it feels like I am walking 3 feet off the ground these days. and, in all honestly, it is a little overwhelming. but, you know. in a good way ;)

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Bonnieupnorth said...

I did the proud mom thing and forwarded some congrats through your gmail so check it!