Monday, March 23, 2009

memorable events from the weekend

... i biked my first ever 100km ride. I went out to pitt meadows and beyond. Flat, farmland riding, in aero. it was amazing. I didn't know I was going to go that far, but alas. but, it was hard on the way back, cause a decent amount of climbing was involved. I also realized I didn't have enough nutrition/hydration. and, at one point, an aerobar fell off. ha ha! but, none-the-less, it was great during the times it felt great. everything else was just learning things for the race!!!

... i dropped my bike off for a tune up, and a box up. I am going to have my dad ship it down, when he goes back to the states after my thesis defense on tuesday.

... i walked into a wall, and cracked my head open. yup, that's right. I now have a harry potter sized injury, but it unfortunently does not make me have any magical powers. but, do not fret. I am not hurt (except for my pride... who walks into the corner of a wall in their friend's apartment!?!??!), but there was *a lot* of blood...


I am exceptionally nervous for my presentation on tuesday. which is tomorrow. sometimes, it makes me feel a little ill... i know i know my stuff, but i fear that someone is going to try to get me with hard questions, or whatnot. ugh.

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Bonnieupnorth said...

You are pretty famous for getting concussions at strategic moments!

Good luck tomorrow!

Thinking about you and island weather as I have hooked up to a live web cam of a nesting pair of bald eagles on Hornsby Island....currently a drizzling, windy downpour!