Sponsorship and links

Displaying betty designs logo blk.jpg  Jamjar Folk Lebanese Food on Commercial Drive     TIGHT CLUB ATHLETICS

My Triathlon Coach: Doug Giles
My Bike Shop: John at Pacific Multisport
My strength coach: Keighty at TightClub Athletics
My Food Sponsor: JamJar on the Drive
I Am A Betty 2015! 
My Current Triathlon Team: Leading Edge Triathlon Club

My Graduate (Nursing) School: McGill
My Favourite Athletic Shops: Erik at Van Cycle  Tom at Way Past Fast

Some Charities/Ministries I am sold upon:

** The most important one is WARM HEART INITIATIVES**

Others that I like a lot: 
Arocha Canada
Mercy Ships
St James Anglican Vancouver
St Stephen's Anglican Montreal
Pioneer Ranch Camps (and InterVarsity in general)
Charity Water