Monday, February 13, 2012

New week, new book... GIVING THANKS

So, a little bit more of a "godly" post.

This week has been challenging, in many ways.  I think that was clear in my last post.  but SO SO SO many things to be thankful about.  i think it started out with a great service at church yesterday... we are working through Acts, and we read Chapter 14.  and, i just loved it... I don't really expect that Paul and Barnabas were expecting the reaction they got from the crowd after then performed their miracle... "Um.  wait a minute... we aren't gods.  God is God. Not us! shoot.  that's not what we meant for you to think." Can we say "cultural mis-understanding?!?!"

how often do cultural understandings like that happen in our lives... maybe more often for some people, than others... but, every time they do happen... kinda funny.

we also, during our version of the prayers of the people , we started talking/listing things to be thankful for.  and, it definently helps to list those things out loud, and really start to hear what other people are thankful for.  kinda helps in your "living with maximum enthusiasm."

so, what am I thankful for this week?

  • i just got to send money to Malawi for school fees for the boys.  and, there is something inherently satisfying in that.  it actually kinda feels like i am actually making a difference in this family's life.
  • I am just two days away from seeing my beloved. and, the distance is really difficult these days, and I tend to think that being close will be really helpful.
  • My abstract for my paper on Malawi was accepted to NYU's Education conference in March: Advancing Global Education in Austere times."  And, I have never given a conference presentation. i don't even have good clothes to wear (to be remedied in Vancouver).  But, despite the nerves, it comes with huge excitement!  it also forces me to get my ass in gear in finishing this paper.
  • it is reading week next week.  that means I should (ideally) have time to catch up on my writing, my assignments, and interviews that i need to do for school
  • i am starting a new book, called "Organizing your Private World," as part of a book study/discussion group.  It is a "christian" book, and I have only read the preface and first two chapters.  but... so far, TOTALLY ENGAGING and doesn't want to make me puke all over it because of the "christian-ese" in it.  I think that it will not only be applicable to my journey with faith... but, honestly, will be very applicable to life in North America.  I tend to overwhelm myself, and do too much (don't we all?)... it is important to figure out how to balance the public life, and the private life... feed your spirit.  
  • we had a SUPER successful meeting on sunday regarding WHEAMS. we covered a lot, and spoke a lot about the direction that we are taking, as WHEAMS in Canada.  Our goals for next month: draft letters for fundraising, and draft mission statements.  it is *really* exciting to be involved in something that appears as if it will actually make a sustainable, palpable difference in education, economy, and health care.
with love. 

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