Friday, February 3, 2012

call for help in Malawi

I know that this is kinda a moot point~  because there are lots of people who need lots of things, and everyone has a different reason to be asking for money.  but, I thought that I would blog on it soon...

I have some friends in Malawi, Sanderson and Lawrence, who are 19 and 21.  They are trying to get through secondary school, and are in form 1 and 2... which is our equivalent to grade 7 and 8.  Their school fees for the rest of the year are 75$ between the two of them.  Before leaving Malawi, I was able to pay for the first half of the fees, directly to the school (I have the bank account info).  I then encouraged them to seek out tourists to climb mt mulanje, so that they can pay for the rest of the fees.  This is difficult, due to the rainy season, and lack of tourists.  They also have their mother, who is getting treatment for a major thyroid problem, which compounds on the fees.

at any rate, I am unable to help... I have no money with the need to pay my own school fees, and not having a job.  I want to be able to help, but, have no way to be able to do this.  Would you consider helping?   They have 2 weeks before they will be kicked out of school.

I know that this is a tough situation for everyone, because there is a need for funds like this for (almost) every.single.person. in Africa.  How do we know where to put our money?  How do we know that what we are doing is not causing more harm than good, and not creating a society of dependance upon western donors?  I don't know.  I don't know the answer to that.  All I know, is that I believe health and education are worthy causes.   And I hate not knowing the answer or the solution.  And most of all, I hate not being able to help.

Anything that you might be able to help with would be appreciated!

here is a picture of me and Lawrence hiking Mt Mulanje!

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