Thursday, January 22, 2009

what i think about when i race...

last week, somebody asked me what i think about when i race. sometimes, i think about that question when i train. today, while swimming, i thought that 25 random facts are not enough. so, *here* Are some more :)

  • my favourite movie of all time is amelie. and, not just cause she has the same name as me, but that is a bonus.
  • i ate fish food when i was a kid. i swear i was forced.
  • i forced a friend of mine to eat a grasshopper in grade 7.
  • i have been beaten by birch branches by a old, naked russian.
  • i believe in god.
  • i have an older brother, who i wish i saw more.
  • i have a piece of titanium in my wrist.
  • i have traveled to more states (about 35?) than most americans have.
  • i have spooned in cat suits, in the back of a 2003 matrix, with 4 other people. yup, we all fit.
  • i live in a basement suite, with bars on the windows.
  • i once had a roommate with a very famous dad.

okay. that is it for today. keep watch for other postings of random facts :)

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