Saturday, January 17, 2009

please forgive me...

i grew up on the prairies. that means that I have had plenty of cold winters. but, alas. I have not lived on the prairies permanently since I was about 15-16. meaning, that maybe my skin has gotten thin. so, if you live in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ontario, or Halifax... Minnesota, New England, new york city, or colorado. in fact... anywhere east of the rockies right now.

forgive me. forgive me for what I am about to say... because I truely believe I am a west coaster now.

but... it is cold... it is cold, even when I where my cycling booties and I can't feel my toes. it is cold when i have boogers consistantly in my nose, and streaming down my face. It is cold when ponds in vancouver are frozen. and, it is cold when there is a consistant fog that never rises. and, i don't like it when I cannot feel my toes while riding my bike. that is all.

today on my 30min run/60min ride/30min swim workout, i stopped between the ride and the swim to eat a cinnamon bun. I wonder if that would be allowed on the race. a friend of mine told me "sure, as long as it fits into a jersey pocket." ;) today, i learnt that I need to learn about nurtition for the longer workouts/races. 'cause I have no idea about it.

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