Thursday, January 15, 2009

nothing wakes you up, like...

a sprint down the road :)

So, this morning, like every thursday morning, I was to be at work at 6am. To train a client of mine (ha! i just thought about google searching his name, to see if I could come up with a link. then i quickly [thankfully] remembered how un-ethical that is!) that I have worked with for more than a year. I have been late for him once in my life, in the more than 60 times I have worked with him at 6am. anyhow. I did something today that i *rarely* (if ever!) do. My alarm went off at 4:45, and I promptly shut it off, and did not sit up. that is t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

next thing I know, i open my eyes, look at my alarm, and it is 5:36. my "last chance bus" comes at 5:44 (to get me to work at about five to ten after: not too late) and I live 4ish blocks from the bus stop. thanks to my cat-like reflexes, I jump up, rip out of bed, throw some clothes on, my laptop and notebook into my bag praying that it is everything i need for the day. fly by the bathroom and grab my toothbrush/paste, open the freezer to find a frozen burrito, and run out the door. check to make sure my shoes are on. yup, there they are... i made it to the bus stop by 4:42. ridiculous. get off the bus, and run the 6 blocks down the hill to the studio. Achim is waiting there, ready to go, and ever so gracious.

but me: no coffee. no breakfast. not even enough time to pee. dang. i hate it when that happens. but thanks to our organic delivery at work, I could eat a few pieces of fruit, and a lovely co-worker who got me a cuppa and a muffin, I was okay to go.

my body was surprizingly sore today for some reason. a simple bout of hatha yoga yesterday? hummmm... strange. it seemed so strange. but, it feels good to feel a little sore. i feel like i am working... tonight, that lovely co-worker is going to have some fun with me at the gym and give me a little training session. yay!!! and, then: REST DAY! phew. i am excited for it!!! i actually don't have to be anywhere until my "Medical anthropology" class at 1pm. what a fricken' novel idea.

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