Sunday, January 4, 2009

apparently, i live in canada...

so, in anticipation of my return to Vancouver, i was ridiculously excited to get on my bike, run on the seawall, get back to my regular exercise routine. The month of december was a little ridiculous in some aspects. mostly food. i felt like i went backwards from all the gains i made in nutrition in the fall. and, my holiday in Florida lead to a lot of lying on the beach, and walking around bare feet, and not doing much working out. and, im not beating myself up about it, but i was ready to get back to normal eating and training.

upon my return to vancouver, i realized that "normal" is not going to be quite normal. far be it for me to be pessimistic about snow, 'cause i love snow, i am quite dismayed about the amount of it currently in Vancouver. I am not sure it has stopped snowing since I left, back on the 20th. we are talking, like, 2 feet of snow lying on peoples front yard. the streets? well, the side roads have grooves where a few brave cars can get through, and have snowdrifts covering other cars. the main streets? well, barely enough space for the traffic, needless to say a bike. sidewalks? well, mostly ice or slush. rarely shoveled. virtually impossible to run on.

*SIGH* honestly now. i love the snow, but when it interferes with my activities of daily living? now, that is another story. i mean, comon now. i am supposed to be racing in new orleans in a mear 3 months (eeep!!!!). and, literally. i don't really know what to do. cause too much running on a treadmills sucks. the only thing worst is sitting on one of those stupid upright bikes, with couches for seats.

so, my holidays. here is the lowdown.
  • took approximently 48hrs, one bus ride, one night in SEATAC airport sleeping on the floor, one delayed flight that made me miss my next one, one unexpected sleepover at my best friend's place in Washington DC, and one missing bag to get from Vancouver-Atlanta.
  • borrowed clothes from my good friend, and ex-wvu rowing teammate who lives in atlanta, donna, for my holiday. had to find a tent (aka, a tent as big as a house!) to replace the one that was in my bag. was thankful for zach mauss' food cooler, camping stove, and hammock for the trip.
  • got re-aquainted with my friend ANya (who i know from russia in 2003!), and her friend Phil (that she knows from working in ohio for two summers!)
  • drove to Florida Everglades. spent two nights, a morning canoe trip, a thai food christmas eve dinner, and general chillaxing with K-shon at NCOBS Everglades base on sunset island.
  • drove to Key largo. 3 nights tenting. 5 dives. one advanced diving certification. 2 very sea-sick friends. good coffee, nice sunsets. crazy bird lady, attack squirrels, and stinging man-o-wars.
  • drove to key west. beautiful beach. long walk in the sun. southernmost point. sunset. fish dinner. key lime pie.
  • slept over night on side of road. attacked by a spikey catepillar in middle of night. moved from grass, to the rocks.
  • back to key largo for one last night. really thankful for a shower.
  • up to miami. south beach, bad traffic, seeing "miami ink" studio. memories of rowing in indian creek. went to virginia key, and the amazing "Jimbo's" a place, where they sell cans of beer, and smoked fish. other than that, it is the most run-down, off the beaten trail, random concoction of building that i have seen in a long time. lots of cats as well. drove to spend the night at a co-worker's of mine's uncles place. Then back up to atlanta.
  • last day in atlanta included lots of blini (a russian crepe). and, donna.
so, now, a few photos!
key west. mile zero of US highway one.

Diving off key largo!!!! after my first dive :)

That is me. and, that is my street in Key west.

don't be caught off guard!

Beautiful Anya Chistyakova


the amazing Kevin Shon. he is a breath of fresh air to hang out with

christmas eve goofiness!

key west tourists.
last night before heading back up to atlanta. me, anya, brian (from vancouver!)

gotta climb random structures!

key lime pies, and alcoholic coffee drinks. anya was convinced i was going to make her a fat alcoholic. who me?! never.

trees in key west.

beautiful key west. i would like to note that this is the first time that i have worn a bikini. it took quite a step for me ;) and, that step was not having my backback, which had my swimsuit in it.

more warnings of attack animals in the florida keys.

russian dinner #1: borscht

candlelight in the keys!


Anonymous said...

what? no miami ink studio pics?

Bonnieupnorth said...

So when did you finally get your luggage..the bikini is cute!