Monday, September 22, 2008

some plans for the next year...

From day to day, my plans change.

and, since i have no plans or ambition for my life anymore, here are some things i am considering, with no commitment to any of them:

  • going to peru and ecuador, to hike in the andes, see machu picchu and perhaps the galapagos (if i can afford this part).
  • hike up kilimanjaro.
  • go on a bike trip somewhere, maybe ride Ragbrai, in iowa, in july.
  • go to Liberia, visit my host family. Start in spain, and travel down through West Africa.
  • travel across north africa.
  • go to south africa on an multi-purpose advenutre, and hit up mozambique and visit my sponsored world vision child.
  • do my MPH in international health and development at Simon Fraser (vancouver), or Tulane (New Orleans), or University of Capetown (south africa), or somewhere else.
  • quit my job, sell my belongings, and leave town.
  • Keep my job, make some money, and force myself to be settled for a while, while i discover western canada and vancouver some more.
  • race in triathlons. maybe do a 1/2 marathon or adventure race or a 24-hour race of some kind.
  • not get fat, or sustain any sort of athletic injury, including near death experiences.
  • coach rowing, and do some rec rowing.
  • lead a Teen Missions team.
  • Drive/hitchhike/take the ferries to Alaska
  • get my teaching degree.
  • get my nursing degree.
  • not do research, once i am done my M.Sc. but do get some papers published.
  • live in the inner-city.
  • go work at pioneer alberta for a while.

this list will continue to change. be added to, and be taken away from. anyone want to join me on any of these things?

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