Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the city of angels

so, as you can see in the previous post, i went to LA this past weekend.  I had never been to LA before, and the city turns out to be nothing special.  I'm not going to lie.  but, it was a great weekend, none the less.

It was really nice to go down to the city,  and have my friend Josh show me around, with the brief time that i had.  I think he was paying back the favour from me showing him Vancouver, and racing in Squamish.  He even spoke of being able to show me a star.  so, I was in high anticipation.  

The race was the predominate feature of the whole weekend, of course.  I was able to see Venice beach, the basketball courts where famous NBA players show up sometimes.  I walked down Rodeo Drive, and browsed in Schwenky stores.  we mosey-ed through expensive hotels in hopes to glimpse a star.  we walked down hollywood blvd, and looked at the stars in the sidewalk, and the handprints in cement.  

The best part of sight-seeing in LA came on Monday morning, when we went to beverly hills.  we drove through the expensive houses, and around the hills, and looked at "the valley." this was when we went to rodeo.  And, i was treated to a phenomenal breakfast at the Beverly hills hotel, in the basement, where they have a cute little coffee and breakfast bar.  we rubbed shoulders with people who "Are from new york, but living in london, and has a french husband," and walked around the place like we totally belonged. but.... we didn't see a star.  

all the way down to LA, and not one famous person.  psh.

The best experience of LA was in Watts.  As you probably know, I love being in areas where i am a minority. especially if there are lots of black people.  And, so, we drove to Watts (which, if you don't know, is a poor, crime-ridden part of LA), and Josh knew of this happening on Sunday nights.  There is this groups of people, who every sunday night gather in a garage-like building to play Jazz.  and, we are talking, real Jazz.  Josh had bought a bottle of champange, and we poured some glasses, shared with the others, and sat for about an hour listening, and watching.  it was awesome.  there were Max 25 people there, and only one other white person.  Ran by the lady of the house, Georgia, the music is predominately improvised, and if you can play, you can get up there.  LOVE IT. :)

and, besides that...  it was really nice to see my friend, and to see him in his home environment. I like seeing people that I haven't seen for a while.  it is always a good time. :)


Luke and Bethany said...

That's a great pic of you guys! so proud you entered the race... stoked you got to hang together.. love you


Anonymous said...

Right. On!