Monday, September 15, 2008

off season....

so, today i got back on my bike for the daily commute, and back in the pool to enjoy some of the last of the quickly fading summer days.... it was so wonderful. all of last week, i did nothing. i figured that 2 olympic distance tri's in a span of 6 days was a challenge enough for my body. I didn't want to hurt it, so i gave it a rest. and, now after that week, i am restless.

i am ready to get back into it.
but, the unfortunate thing is that i don't know what to do. i am kinda at a loss. there are no more tri's until march. the rain is going to start soon. i am doing a 5km charity run in October, which i am trying to fundraise at least 150$ towards breast cancer (AKA: PLEASE DONATE!!!) and, i am also doing a 10km Turkey trot race on Thanksgiving. So, both of those should be fun, but they aren't going to really be a challenge. so, i don't really know what to do.
i am going to try to start doing yoga again, at least once a week.
i think i am going to sign up for a West African Drumming class once a week again. cause i miss drumming. (but, i dread the trip out to New West every friday).
it is wierd, cause when i don't have a goal, i don't know what to do. i have thought about a 1/2 marathon. but, i am not loving running these days. and, to think about training for a 1/2 makes me want to preverbially throw myself down some stairs.
anyone have suggestions? how do i keep myself going through the winter. Next tri will be the UBC triathlon on march 8th. i have also had strange muscle cramping in my legs, and random muscle twitches. not sure what is going on there. i am wondering if it is this medication that i am on, that one of the side effects is that it increases my potassium levels... i know that potassium has to do with muscles, but im not sure if that is it... anyway, next time i see the Doctor, i will ask...

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