Friday, July 11, 2008

rowing love....

Spent this last week in washington state, with some of my friends from West Virginia University, from my rowing team.  We participated in Lake Stevens 70.3 Triathlon, in which Donna Stullken did the full race, and I teamed up with Risha Kelley, and Caitlin Everett to do the relay.  We did amazing, and Donna was inspirational.  I will give more details on the race soon. Rook was our general support and phenomenal fan base.  

As for now, I want to post pictures!!!! Thank you risha for taking phenomenal photos!

On the ferry back to seattle from a day of bike riding on Bainbridge Island.

Finding a dock on Bainbridge, where we went on a leisurely afternoon bike ride.... Donna rented a hybrid.  it was a little different from her "Specialized Transistion" bike, but, it is BIKE FREEDOM anyways.   :)

Sea Kayaking in the San Juan Islands.  Here, donna and i are practicing ninja, balancing moves.

Donna, going the wrong way.

The man of the trip, Bradley, hanging out in the hull of the kayak.
post kayak love!!!  

Caitlin was only able to stay until monday, but she got a new job in Delaware!  So, i suppose that her leaving for a successful interview is worth it!?!?!?  Here she is on the Swing at the house that we rented.

Chilling on the front lawn...

finally, no week is complete without sampling local brew... here we (donna, myself, rookie) are at the pike place brewery....

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Great photos and I remember meeting all of your friends in WV. The dog in the kayak well...You always inspire me with your level of physical activity.
Have been out running short distances with the 2 dogs ( keep tied together ) which is great until wacked from behind as they charge one on each side of me!

Have a great week!