Tuesday, July 1, 2008

despite its faults

So, today is Canada day.  and, since last year, this day will forever be etched into my memory as one that I became way to closely acquainted with the back of a pick up truck, while riding my bike.  Yes folks, it is one day to the year that i had one of the worst days of my life, and i broke my arms.  Which, to this day still do not feel "normal." 

 What a year. 

 Canada day is closely followed by july 3rd, which is my birthday.  I will turn 25.  and, although I have been in high anticipation of this birthday, mostly because 24 sucked ass, i also feel like it is a huge leap in terms of birthdays.  it is a marker birthday.  I know that I am not in many of the places that i would have hoped to be, or obtaining some of the goals that i have wished, by the time i turned 25.  yet, in so many other ways, there is little regret of the path i have taken.  the people i have met, and the experiences that we have shared are often stunning and fantastic and amazing.  

ON thursday, I will have the great opportunity to reunite with some of the most amazing people in life, who hold a very special place in my heart.  I will head down to Washington State, to meet up with my old Rowing teammates from WVU.  Risha, Donna, Caitlin, Rook and I will spend a week in a vacation home, and compete in the Lake Stevens 1/2 ironman.  Now, dont be so excited, because I'm only doing the 2km swim, as a part of a relay, but get excited for Donna, who will be doing the whole thing herself!!!! and although there are many other girls that i wish could be there this week, i take what i can get, with seeing a few of them.

Finally, yesterday, I got the chance to go mtn biking for the first time in years and years.  I think it was the first time since Brentwood, actually. so, logically, i thought about those years, and in particular, Robin McDaniel, with whom for a few terms she and I were the only girls on the mtn bike sports "team." those were great times.  But, i went up to squamish with my friends Erik and Celine, I rode 14km uphill a logging road, from squamish, to the trailhead of elfin lakes.  We were originally planning on going in another 11km, right to the lakes, but it was so challenging.  it was about 28 degrees outside, and un-relenting climbing. Let's just say it took 2 hours to get up the 14km, and 20 minutes to get down.  :)  but, it was an amazing descent!!!! soooo worth the grueling climb up. Honestly, i think this ride was the hardest physical thing that i have done in a very long time.  at one point, i think that my "rating of perceived exertion" was about 9.5/10 ;)  it was harder than cypress, which i recently wrote about.  but, i loved it.... for the challenge, and the beauty, and the super fast thrill of the ride down.  

so, let us celebrate canada day.  This glorious country, that although it has many faults, has countless amazing mountains to climb, people to meet, and things to see.  A myriad of cultures to experience, and roads to travel. On this day, I am *very* grateful for this country.  So, i will leave my computer desk, and go walk around in it! :)

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Happy Birthday and happy 141 st.