Sunday, July 20, 2008

Do you ride? Yeah, yeah, i (deleted) ride. That's my helmet....

that title is a quote... can you name it?

outward bound quote of the day...suitable to happenings this week...
"Eventually all the pieces fall into place...until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moment, and know that everything happens for a reason. "
- Anon

when i ride my bike, i feel like i am flying.  

that is what i thought today, many times... 

I rode out to gibsons (on the sunshine coast) today, with Erika, my roommate. the map, plus the 15 km on the sunshine coast side of the ferry, is my route today, approximently.  First off, I would like to say kudos to erika, who has become a much better cyclist since she has included commuting to work into her daily schedule.  previously, some of those hills may have been too much for her, but she was able to stick it today!!!!  

the reason that we did this ride was 2 fold.  #1, though, was to go to look at a house i am going to be sitting for 10 days in august... it is beautiful, sea views, hiking/running trails, etc.  a perfect spot to spend the week before the MCATs relaxing, studying, and getting away from the bustle of the city.  #2 was to go for a training ride.  now, this is much more than a training length ride, but, it is awesome to do that!!!  in total, today i rode about 75km.  

couple things i thought about...

1) i think i am getting much better at hills.  Lion's gate bridge for one, doesn't feel like the bain of my existence anymore.  i am able to maintain consistent cadence up steady climbs, and don't quite feel like i am working at a perceived exertion of 9.9/10 ;) i don't dread climbing anymore.  and, that is sure a difference from 2 months ago.

2) i love it when you feel totally tired, but you know that you still have about 10km more to ride.  it is soooo good to push it in the last 10km, cause that is the point when you really get better... when you are tired, and it is hard.  

3)sometimes i wonder how i didnt discover cycling earlier in my life.  i feel free when i ride.  i feel like i can fly.  i feel like the world is at my finger tips when i ride.  

4) i like it that i can beat traffic most of the time.

5) i like it that on a day like today, i used at least 1600 calories while riding.... on that note, i think i am going to go on a "be more aware of what i eat" regimine.  I weighed myself the other day, at about 181 lbs.  i want to be 175.  5 pounds. that doesn't seem unreasonable, does it?

on a last note. i feel more and more nervous for the MCATs. not feeling prepared, that is forsure.  argh.  

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