Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NYU Presentation and Road trip to Virginia Photo extravaganza!

Last week, i had the chance to head down to the states, with the excuse of presenting at an education conference at NYU.  I have previously talked about my excitement in presenting in my very first international conference.  And, there were good things, and bad things about the whole thing.  but, overall, it was a very positive experience.

I felt like my presentation went really well.  not to mention, the building that the majority of the conference was in, had this view.
so.  not too shabby.  I was pretty excited about being able to be at an education conference... because, well, I believe in the clear link between health care and education.  And, clearly, educators must as well.  right? RIGHT?!!? Well, apparently, not.  I got to present to the other panel presenters (um, everyone was from McGill on my panel?), and all of 3 other people (including the discussant).  Bonuses of this:  small group=limited stress, increased conversation, familiar faces, flexible on time limits, ability to still have a conference presentation on my CV.  crappy things of this:  it made me sad.  I was looking forward to having questions about my work, and sharing my work with more 6 people.  I was looking forward to having a different, inter-disicplinary view on my paper.

so, good and bad.  but, I got to go to NEW YORK!  how lucky am I!?!?

every time I go to new york, I am amazed.  It was the 3rd time I have been there, for little short 2 days trips.  The city is clearly too big to see in two days.  but, you do what you can.  And, for me, that included seeing a musical... I LOVE musicals.  Not going to lie.  The talent which is involved just wows me.  the athleticism. the singing.  the dancing. the acting.  AMAZING.  so, i went to Chicago, which was thrilling.  Nice to know the songs, and really nice to see scantily clad, good looking people perform in front of you.  Beautiful.  it also included running in central park.  it also included really really nice people, who would smile and say hi to me, and the avis man who gave me a massive discount after I broke down in tears due to the lack of gas stations, and stress of driving in the big city.  it included seeing the stereo types of New York city.  like chess players in a park.  and dog walkers.  and interesting people on the subway.  and well... a man playing a grand piano in a public park.  here is a little bit of a photo overload. 
small dog run!  hey!  i want out.... but... I want in!

No standing?  Must mean something different.

great window!

Chess in Washington Square Park

what I loved about NYC was the contrast between the old stone and the new modernity.  

I also loved the random sitting spots in the middle of the streets.  many were also accompanied by lovely smelling flowers in large pots.

Broadway posters in Time Square.

cute little umbrella tables at Hostelling International in the Upper  West Side.

Looking towards the Chicago Theatre, after the show. 

times square at night.

post presentation!

piano in the park!
The rest of the trip was filled with a road trip to see friends in the DC area.  I was able to spend the first night with the fabulous *and very talented* Megan Orsini, who will one day be a very famous author.  but, 2 facts about her, that amaze me.  1) she read about 60 books last year.  2) she has a hoarding tendency with lip balm.  we also went to the Hunger Games during a matinee, and... I really liked it.  Lots.  Very much worth going to see.

I then traveled all of 4 miles to go and spend the next night with my BFF Christina, and her boys (husband Dave, and son Luke).  we just spent the night chatting it up, and laughing, and talking about male circumcision, admist other topics.  I rarely get to see her (if I am lucky, once every 2 years or so).  but, this year... I get to see her 2 times!  SO AWESOME.

then, to finish off the weekend, I went to the Occoquan Sprints, to watch WVU women's rowing team hit up a regatta.  How delighted I was to be in a rowing environment.  I miss that sport lots, and I miss being on a team like that.  it was so great to see a few boat races, but, what was even better, was to see my former roommate/teammate, and current friend.  It has been 6 years, but, talking and seeing Meg was like no time had passed at all.  She is a dear dear friend, and not going to lie... I had to hold back the tears when I was first able to hug her.  Man, I miss those rowing girls.  

Nothing like a good ol' boat race!

new boats.  nice stickers.  Lets' Go Mountaineers!

Meg and I.  Part 1.

Meg and I part 2

Meg sending off her girls for a race!

rowing oar

So, I went back up to NYC that afternoon, with a somewhat stressful driving experience (the fear of returning a rental car back late, combined with the insanity of the NJ turnpike).  But, arrived safe and sound.  And some might say, that is all that counts.  I finished my weekend with a walk up broadway, and a beer at a really neat pub close to the hostel.  Next morning, another run in central park, off to penn station, and onto the train back to Canada.

great 5 days away.  well needed refresher.

meanwhile... I have suddenly discovered that it is 2 weeks before I leave montreal.  and 2.5 weeks before NOLA 70.3.  folks.  race season is upon us.  and transition season is upon me.  not the type of transition that you have in triathlon.  the type you have in life...


Megan said...

It was lovely seeing you! I hope we can do it again in another seven years. At which point I will be the kind of person who keeps food in the house. :)

Bonnie said...

I do not know how you pack so much into 5 days...great glad you saw Megan and the WVU rowers.