Monday, April 30, 2012

NOLA Jazz fest Review

First of all, I just want to give credit for the other people who have taken these photos... Sean (with his fantastic new camera), and Kirsten (with her Iphone).  If I didn't have these two, I wouldn't have the chronicles.

I am supposed to be writing my final paper for school right now, and instead, I am sitting in a French Quarter Coffee shop just replaying and replaying my weekend in my head.

I can't believe it is already a week after I have raced NOLA 70.3 (well... 2.1+52+13.1=67.2)... the time has just flown buy.  And, most of that time, I have no idea what I was doing.  I remember monday, when Kirsten brought us around NOLA looking at Banksy's and blighted properties and graveyards, and having yummy breakfasts.  And, during breakfast, my beloved said something to the effect of "Are you going to phone air canada, and change that ticket?  I mean... its an opportunity not to be missed."

but, really, it was this past weekend that just rocked my world...  I had the chance to do some New Orleans Jazz festing, which was oh so much fun.

so, let's hit up a few of the bands that I saw... at least the ones that stuck in my mind.

The Dixie Cups:  so, this was the first band that I sat in on.  And, not much to say except that I was surrounded by a whole bunch of baby boomers who were loving sining a long.  But, needless to say, when you all of a sudden realize that you are listening to the people who wrote legendary songs like "Chapel of Love," you can't be going wrong...

The Givers:  Now, this is what I am talking about... i could not believe how much this band rocked!!!! I guess they were ranked as one of the top 10 bands that rocked SXSW this year.  and, I can totally see why.  A super powerful girl percussionist as the lead singer, mixing indie rock with Cajun sounds.  definently worth a download, i think :)

Bon Iver: Of course, this was the one which I was trying to have my beloved be jealous of... that being said, he will be seeing them in May, in Burnaby.  I have had a bit of a harder time catching onto the Bon Iver rage these days.  That being said, I was stunned by a) hearing that falsetto voice and b) how many fricken people can fit onto a stage.  Lots of good fun, and the ability to combine many instruments into a very unique sound.

at the same time, I was missing out on the beach boys... apparently, with John stamos (yes, that teen dreamboat from full house, John Stamos) playing the drums.  nuts.  that would have been legendary.  I rode Kirsten's cruiser to and from the fest on Friday.  On the way there, I got completely turned around and lost...on the way back, it was pretty much perfect to finish off the day.  it kinda felt romantic to ride a cruiser to and from.  too bad it was just me :(

I started off with just bouncing around a few bands... Shamar Allen and the Underdawgs, a little Africana in Cheikh Lo of Senegal.  both were danceable, and fun fun fun.  But, not necessarily something I would down load.  IMO, great for a festival in the sun, not amazing for a car listening endevour.  but, then it got started. I made my way over to a "Critics choice" pick.

The ASTOUNDING Meschiya Lake and her little big horns  If I could have this girl at my wedding... oh man, I would.  Tattoo'd and beautiful, this girl has a set of lungs.  She sings slowly with a piano, quickly with dancers and horns, and all a long the spectrum.  She was the feel good show of the day, when I just wanted to dance and clap and sway in my seat.

I then made it over to get back to my West Virginia Roots, with hitting up a little blue grass folk with the Carolina Chocolate Drops.  This grammy award winning group is exactly something that you would imagine in the last 1800's.  They play a style which is a long reach from the stuff I would hear in Canada, but, a style that has a deep rooted love inside of me, from my days living in Appalachia.  If you live in Edmonton go and see them at the end of July!  definently worth the ticket!

and, i got to meet these guys at that show.  HA!  mostly, because i was blocking their view.

Finally, I made it back to see the home town girl, Feist.  if you ever had a listen to feist on a CD, you might wonder how she is live.  But, this girl rocks.  She was clearly being overshadowed by Tom Petty playing on the other stage (to which she said:  Thanks for coming to listening to us.  If we weren't here, we'd be over there.")  but, what that allowed for was more room to stand and see and listen and dance.  and, she was great.  got the audience participaing, rocking out to her songs, and just being the fantastic leslie fiest.  what more could you ask for?

next post: Pro-Golf watching (yes.  pro golf. as in PGA tour.  (who the heck am i?  I have no interest in golf at all!) and  more live music!  this time for free!

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SCC GLC said...

Jealous, sounds like fun. You’re not Bon Iver fans? He’s at the top of my playlist since his new album came out last year. Did Iron & Wine play the fest?