Saturday, April 14, 2012

BIG WEEK! I'm almost there!

There, being where?!?!!?

there being New Orleans.  There being back home in Vancouver.  There being done my assignments.  Done being job searching.  

There are so many things going on right now!  so, i am going to hit a few points: triathlon, Malawi, and school.

 Triathlon:  It's kinda amazing, because the fact that I am doing a 70.3 in 8 days has kinda snuck up on me.  I know that I haven't talked much about triathlon this spring, because... well... sometimes I wonder how interesting it is to people?!?!?  I do think that there is so much more in this world (and, consequently, in my life) worth talking about.  Not that it isn't interesting... but, it's narrow.  And, I wish that this blog can reach a large group of readers.  Not just people who do triathlon.

that being said.... I am SUPER excited about this race.  Mostly, because I feel spot on.  Now, I have no data to back that up.  Not really. My training has been somewhat sporatic this spring, with trips to Edmonton, Vancouver, and New York city being interspersed into the last 3.5 months.  my training started late this year, seeing that i was... oh, well, in Malawi.  I am training under the guidance of... well, a program on the computer, and a very limited contact with the people who put those programs together.  I wasn't even sure if the main coach that I have really knew who I was, until about 2 weeks ago.  All those factors combined, leads me to believe that I have NO IDEA how my race is going to go.  it's all (mostly) subjective thoughts.

I am feeling strong on my bike.  Today during my 2hr15min "long ride" (hurray for taper time!), i was hitting great speeds at tempo pace, and just loving the feeling of strength in my legs.
my long runs (my runs in general) have been fast.  Like, yesterday... I ran 10.5km in a time which is faster than the majority of my old 10km races a few years ago.  my long run last week?  20km in 1hr47mins, at a zone 2 heart rate (endurance zone).  That's almost my stand alone 1/2 marathon time.
I have dropped weight.  Maybe a solid 7lbs since I have gotten back from Malawi.

so.  Im excited.  New Orleans, here I come.  And, you better allow me to SMASH my race from 3 years ago.  I mean. it was my first 70.3 ever.  I had NO IDEA what i was doing.  Im older, "wiser" and more fit (i think!!!!).

If you have been following the world news in the past week, you might know that the former president of Malawi passed away just before easter.  Now, I am not going to lie when I say this (but, know that it is not the thoughts of any of the organizations that I am affiliated with that is somehow connected to Malawi).  I am SO THANKFUL.  Bingu Wa Mutharika was becoming more and more like a dictator.  In an already struggling country, things were getting worse.  there was no fuel, no foreign exchange, pulling out of foreign donors, no sugar (a main crop in Malawi), limited global tabacco sales (the major export in Malawi), limited/no access to medication.  then... well, he died.

The successor came into power in a very peaceful transition, and she has a big job in front of her.  I am pretty excited to see what happens in the country, and I just hope that with all the major changes that have already happened in the past week, that people don't get huffy and puffy against her.

There are some Malawi Blogs that I read, from Ex-pats who are working there.  I think that they give really good outlines of what is going on.  Feel free to link on over to Muli Bwanji Y'all or Lilongwe From home for some good write ups of the transition of power "from Bingu to Banda."  It is an interesting time indeed.

And, on that  note:  The Canadian organization that I am involved with (that remains to be named, because it is a fledgling organization), that partners with grassroot organizations, such as Warm Heart Missions in Malawi (WHEAMS), is going to be doing a fundraising garage sale in May, on the South Shore of Montreal.  If you are interested in a) giving things for the sale, or b) buying things at the sale, let me know.  I will give you the info!

and, finally, on that note as well.  We are always looking for donors and supporters to partner with us in partnering with organizations (in this case, WHEAMS).  There are a few ways to donate (either monthly or a one time gift).  1st, you can donate through Canada Helps.  though this link says that it is going to st. stephen's church, it is only because we are not yet a charitable organization.  The church is our "sponsor" for tax-deductible receipts until we gain that status.  2nd, you can buy a Fundsrip card. Just ask us how to do this, so we can get the $ that is raised through it.

finally, school.

and, this will be brief.
standing between me and graduation is a 15-20 page ethics paper, 17 11 lab reports to grade, an OSCE exam to invigilate, and my manuscript to complete and submit for publication.  Most of these need to be done before wednesday, when I leave.  It's manageable, but, tight.  

and... to tell you the truth.  I see the light.  for the first time ever in my life, I will be graduating, knowing that I am not going back to school.  and, that is a relief.  it is also crazy.  it is also a huge transition.  in some ways, it feels like i am actually going to have to grow up.

i mean...  i'm going to have to find a job that actually is not at camp or a bike store or TAing/invigilating exams.  i'm getting married.  we'll be buying some sort of house (and, when I say house, i mean, condo).  I will have an income (after said job is found).  life will be pretty steady for a while.  and, that is definitely not something that is "normal" for me.


Kelly Covert said...

What an exciting time! I so appreciate that this blog is not just about triathlon, but I still love hearing about it! Good luck in NOLA!!

Joy said...

Good luck in NOLA. Even though I will never do a triathlon, I do enjoy reading about it.
And hooray to getting married and settling down and not going back to school. Those all sound like such wonderful things!
Blessings Amo!