Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend

was quiet for me this year.  No family around, which is something I normally like.  but, it was beautiful.

I think easter is my favourite holiday of the year, and Maundy Thursday is my favourite day in the church calendar.

so, I began easter celebrations on thursday with a dinner at St Stephen's, then I went to swim, and then I made my way at 11pm to go and pray for an hour at St John's the Evangelist (the Montreal Anglo-Catholic Church).

Friday included a lot of paper writing, and Tenebrae at St John's again, with my friend Annie.  We then went to Benelux (and met my friend Leanna, who handing in her Master's Research project that day!!!)  where I had a 12-Beer sampler.  Which, was probably too much beer, but it was delicious.
Saturday included brunch with nursing friends, a long bike ride (100km!!!), and more paper writing.  

Sunday included Sunday service at St Stephen's, post-service lunch, thanksgiving for the President of Malawi having a heart attack and dying, a long run (um, i kinda think it was a breakthrough run... 20km in 1hr47mins, barely breaking into my endurance zone...), and then a "lost dogs" dinner with my roommate.  The best explanation of a lost dogs dinner, is that it is a family dinner for people who don't have a family to celebrate with~ we invited friends (mostly 8 of her's.  I had one.  The ultimate lost dog, though he prefers cats, Will Swanson), we potlucked, and we celebrated easter love.

PHEW!  busy weekend!  and now, it will be a 10-hour "recovery day" of writing this manuscript, finishing off with an Ingrid Michealson concert tonight!!!!  

Happy easter, everyone.  The Lord has risen indeed! 

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