Monday, February 28, 2011

week in numbers.... (HA!)

HA! psyche. no numbers. because i have hit about 1/2 my workouts. but, it's ok. 'cause I am still the president of the SCWC (Screw you winter club). and, i am on a scheduled recovery week (um.. not tomorrow. last week). and, so it makes me feel less bad about missing.

weather in montreal is freezing rain, winds and all around nasty. NOT at all looking forward to getting back to that tonight. especially with the fact that many of the flights into montreal today are delayed/cancelled... but, not going to lie. I AM looking forward to my own food and a bit of regular scheduling again. Especially getting back into the schedule. I don't want to get too soft around the edges...

so. here is my disclaimer. I wear a small bathing suit, because i would much rather just be naked. or at least, not walk around in pants (shout out to alexa, who enjoys that as well!). also, this is the tiniest bathing suit I have ever worn. and, it takes a lot for me to wear it. cause really, despite being "fit," as a female... I am TOTALLY self conscious of my body. but... i just kept on reminding myself: "there are a lot of fatter, uglier, less fit people out there wearing the same size suits... you can do this. it looks fine..." ;)

Legs. and sand.

Momma and I heading back to the mainland last night.
Sign at the Port as we are leaving

nothing says fun like "divers down!"

Or, on the other hand... nothing says fun like sand on the feet.

wooo! sweet underwater camera. and sweet find on a ride green sunglasses.

shellfish doubling as a smile!? Yes please.
heading out on the dive boat.


Kristin said...

Looks like you totally enjoyed that weather!! Great Pics!

Alexa said...

I bet there are WAY more than just us who prefer to be pants-less. They just don't own it :)

greggorsaurustri said...

I'm totally a member of the prefer pants-less club.