Saturday, February 26, 2011

president of the "Screw you winter" club

so, i am on a recovery week.
I am also on holidays.
i also got a B+ on my exam that could've dropped me out of school.
I am happy.
I will not blog extensively.
I will go to the beach, and take my pants off. i will then proceed to drink a bailey's over ice while listening to the ocean and reading a book. I will finally go for a walk and a swim in the ocean.

i will post pictures. enjoy. more will probably come tomorrow...
... back to the grind next week...

Finding Nemo Musical at Dinsey's Animal Kingdom

On the taxi from the ship to the hotel on Grand Bahamas Island. Glasses were acquired from a ride at Universal Studios. They match the cool new point and shoot that the boy i like got me as a surprise for surprising him in edmonton last week.

oh, you know. A fish slide.
kissing fishes on a boat between an island and florida. boy i like should be jealous. 'cause i was also getting cozy with disney characters.

"i'm on a boat!"


Laura said...

I've decided you and I are kindred spirits. I LOVE the 'I'm on a boat' songs. Congratulations on your B+! You rock it chica!

Scott said...

Look at you, now look away, now look at you, you are on a boat, on a blog.