Wednesday, February 9, 2011

quiet in blog land...

when it is this quiet, it means that it is not quiet in other parts of life. craziness has been happening. and, if you don't believe me, then look at this. It was my "concept map" which was due on monday of this week.... it can be seen HERE because it is tooooooooo big to upload! sheesh. complicated.

this is a representation of a cholera outbreak in a refugee camp in Kenya: Kakuma. it is a pretty crazy exercise to go through, but I am confident that the next one (due on march 2nd! ugh, 2 days post-holiday. guess what I am going to be doing in the sun?!?! yup, concept mapping) is going to be WAY easier.

so, instead, on the africa front, i will post this picture. it is pretty powerful, i think.

on the weekend, though, I got a FANTASTIC long XC ski in, up at Mt. Tremblant. because I don't ski much, but i love it, I *always* feel the body afterwards. I do wish I had photos, but, alas... I do not. I went with people from the YMCA tri team, and there was one point where I just thought *bliss....* here i am, doing something i love, having conversations with people who don't think i am crazy when i say i eat the way i do and train the amount i do, in the middle of the winter, in the mountains. i love this! LOVE IT! we skied for about 3hrs on saturday, and ran for an hour on sunday. in the afternoon, i staged in the chalet we were staying at, and worked on my concept map. It was nice, cause my body was so tired!!!! we had the amazing chance to stay in this beautiful chalet, which is owned by one of the YTRI guys. Thanks to him and his lovely wife!!!! (And doggie. which made me really really want a doggie asap.)

and, that being said, i have a final exam next week, then I am off for spring break to the sun with my mama. so, it will probably stay quiet on the blog front for the next while. I am 1.5 weeks through a heave 3 week strength block (yay for starting tempo work, changing up the strength routine, and just having challenging/dynamic/interesting workouts!)

and, briefly, not that you care, but weekly report for last week:
swim: 2hrs, 5200m
bike: 2hrs, 45min on the trainer
run: 3.5hrs
strength: 30 min. oops.
XC ski: 2hr, 55min.
total: 11hrs, 45min ish.

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Kelly said...

Have fun with your Mom!! Enjoy the sun and soak in the rest for the rest of the semester!