Sunday, February 13, 2011

too which I am done with winter....

UGH! i think that winter should just move a long. It snows every fricken day. it is slippery. it is wet. it is not pretty anymore (ok. that is the pessimism talking. snow on trees, and in parks is always pretty). it takes effort to go everywhere. and i can't wear sandals or ride my bike in a skirt. running is slow, and my feet get wet. wind chill gets to the bones. and, did i mention how riding is getting a little scarier to me these days? yeah, well, it is.

move along, winter, move along. I liked you. now, i am just done with you. I will give you until the end of my holiday (Feb 28th), before you need to pretty much stop. Or, I will NOT be happy.

this week, training has been pretty good. Other than a random 24hr bug or funny food I got on thursday that made me cut my swim short, and on friday, sleep all day, feel achey, and carry a very minor fever, it was decent. Missed a run last monday (for some reason, it seems as if that run is the workout in the week i miss the most.... what is it about mondays that makes it SO difficult to get 2 workouts in!?!?), but other than that, nailed the workouts. Especially my long ones this weekend.

On friday night (after the sick day), i went to one of the other YMCA tri guys (Jean-Luc) for a potluck dinner, and a watch of the 2010 kona video. The video was pretty hilarious, mostly due to the sound track, and how every running magazine race video contains a story about how running triathlon cured someone's cancer. or... well... you know... (not taking away from it... but... really. having a story like that in a running magazine, an ironman video, anything, is just about as sure as the sun rising tomorrow...) But, one of the things that I really thought was interesting is how craig alexander does not seem as if he has any sense of humour at all. no smiling for him. no fun allowed at all. AND now i have a HUGE girl crush on Miranda Carfrae. she is just adorable, has a rockin (REAL looking) body. and, oh yeah. she won by just ROCKIN' that race, all while showing amazing sportsmanship as she passed Julie Dibens... so, that is kinda neat as well.

Anyway, back to the studying for the exam that I failed last semester. It is happening on wednesday, and I am stressed out of mind about it. I can't fail... or else i get booted from school. And, well, that would not be a good deal.

so, on that note, here is the training for the past week.
swim: 1:45; 4550m
bike: 4:45
run: 2:50
strength: 1:20
yoga: 1:00
total: 11hr 40min

so, SEE YOU THURSDAY, when this exam is over, and I can sigh a big exhale!


Kelly said...

Positive vibes and prayers are going out for you on Wednesday! You'll kill it I'm sure! If you can win a 5k you can pass this exam, right?

Scott said...

If you prep for that exam half as hard as you prep for your sports then the exam doesn't stand a chance. Believe in your abilities, you are gonna do great.