Wednesday, February 17, 2010

a humble life

so, with this whole team in training business, I have spent quite a bit of time just thinking about what I am doing, and why. For instance, this whole thing is a little bit of a stretch for me to say "My life is affected by blood cancer." I don't know anyone who has lymphoma, or leukemia, or hodgkins. I don't even know people who have died due to it. I know people who know people, but that is not super close to home.

But, that is okay. Beth's dad is living with leukemia. Leanna's aunt died from it. We all carry eachother. in every aspect of life.

but, in reality, what is the point!?

I guess the point is that swimming, biking, running, traveling, etc. those are all things that i love. I love doing them, and I do them frequently, and i get all the pleasure out of doing them. So, why should I do those things, only to benefit myself. I mean, we can do things in our life, that we love to do AND use those things to benefit others. I can travel to see the world and learn about cultures, but while i am traveling, I can bring kids to do a construction project on an orphanage home. I can run a 1/2 marathon to go fast and stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors, but I can also raise money for cancer research while at it.

this way, everyone benefits.
this way, it is not all about me.

and, I guess that is one of my biggest goals in life. That it is not all about me. and that I can do the things that I love to do, and benefit others while doing it. To look at the things that I do, and say, i hope someone else also gets the good outcomes from this. it is just to live humbly. live simply. live in love.

I am in a countdown. 1 exam to do. 1 clinical day. then, off to the bahamas with my mum! woooOOOoooooo :)

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