Tuesday, September 22, 2009

a wee bike trip, and starting to think ahead...

so, right off the bat, I want to make an announcement. I am not rowing. I am not rowing. I am coaching. my butt does not sit in that boat, and my hands do not pull on that oar. I bike along the side of the olympic bassin, yelling at others in broken french. or english. or "franglais..." which is a french-english combination spoken here in montreal... :)

Last week, I joined the Mcgill Outdoor Club. And, the first weekend came along, and it was entitled "new members weekend." I'm new, and, i am a member. so, i paied the 35$ (45 if you take the bus, but I vouched to ride my bike), and got prepped to go. It didn't take me long to realize the most new members are about 20 or 21, and surprizingly, many new members are also foreign exchange students. so, it ended up being an interesting weekend. The ride up to "the house" is about 75km eachway, along a bike path up to the laurentians, to shawbridge.

side note, apparently, quebec has one of the longest series of bike paths in north america.
The way there was okay, but definitely (considering the hot weather) forgot to bring electrolytes and food. (REALLY!?!?), and I definently found myself bonking at about 60km. ughghgh. also, although we were in the "fast group," we had to stop a number of times. but, it was beautiful! that afternoon, arriving at the house, we got lunch (I ate wayyyyyy too much, an overload from bonking. i jsut couldn't control myself...). and went for a little hike. that night, 20 year olds were 20 year olds, and i felt a little awkward and old and sober. the evening had a little bit of a wierd vibe to it. but, there was a campfire.
the next morning, as people began to wake up, and the hangovers began, I began to help cook breakfast... and, for me, this was the best part of the weekend. I LOVE cooking for people! :) so, french toast it was, and lots of french toast was consumed. way back, I packed food, and there were e3 of us on the ride back, 'cause we wanted to leave earlyish. fast, sunny, and with a coffee break. LOVE IT. the only thing i don't understand right now is the street layout on this island. makes noooooo sense to me. and, that is really frustrating.
other points to comment on, prior to running off for the hellish pharmacology.
  • i am loving "the thrive diet." i have been aware of this way of eating, but haven't really investigated it much. been reading the book, and it looks like something I really agree with... maybe except with the fact that i still like my dairy products and eggs and fish.
  • the farmers markets in this city are ridiculous. I cannot control myself when there.
  • starting to think about next tri season, especially since this season (or lack thereof) was sooooo short for me (two races!? i mean, comon!) but, dreaming of at least 2- 1/2 ironman distances next year... and, dreaming to go fast. so, dreaming of the things to get me on that track. and, i am excited about it.
  • been asked to help out with another rowing team. ha ha ha! this one=a boy's school, grades 9-11. ha! sooooo funny.

okay. going to be late.

today, after abuot 3 weeks of it being bright and sunny, it rained. and, that made me sad.

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