Tuesday, September 15, 2009

viva le montreal..

so, things are picking up...

about a week ago, i was feeling a little worried. for instance, feeling really lost with such things like "how to make friends" and "where to drink coffee" and "where the crap does this bike lane go" and "where can i go to get some yummy organic groceries?" and "why can't i bring my bike on the bus" and "am I going to get along with my classmates?" and "where do I go to get a job?"

let's just say that virtually every day, I have had a situation that I have not expected. an occurance, of sorts, that keeps me on my toes. and, they just keep on going, and going, but, i think i am starting to get glimpses as to why people love this city. there is great coffee. there are cute little walk-up apartments. the view from the top of the mountain is amazing. there are farmer's markets which run 24hrs a day, 365 days a year. there are people who speak french better than they speak english. and, i especially love that last point the most.

so, let's just talk about something that i used to do. these are pictures, circa 2004-2005. a time of my life, that was filled with great victories, and great defeat.

in boston. head of the charles. me.with.dreadlocks.

in sandiego. me=2nd tallest person on team.

in washington DC. i believe that in this race, our rudder got taken off the bottom of our boat on a log. wasn't so great.

for many years, rowing was something i lived, breathed, and loved. and, in reality, it has never left my "things i like" box, but it has just been removed temporarily. but, it looks like day by day, i am getting sucked back into it. via Le Club d'aviron de l'Université de Montréal (CAUM).
and, it is exciting. they are a francophone rowing club. in fact, the only one in north america. and, that makes me laugh, 'cause I am very much an anglophone. so, they speak to me in french, and i coach them in english :) it works well! ha ha! but, i love it. i love it. the head coach, guillaume, (from france!) started up the team last summer, as a project to keep his mind off his PhD work at UDM. And, the day after I had a interview with the montreal rowing club, i showed up in the morning, and, didn't really have a clue what to do. but, it worked out that I met Guillaume that morning, and he pretty much was like "okay, come along. coach."

pretty stinking amazing. and, despite the fact that I still have to figure out how to get paid, so far it is amazing. and, i love it, and i love the fact that it is not the mcgill team, and that I can grow in my coaching as the team grows in their rowing. so. every morning at 6am, amo=happy.

so, lets talking about this nursing degree.

it seems to me that many of my classmates are wondering if they are in the right spot. and, you know, that worries me. it kinda worries me why are people worrying so much. you know? i guess it makes me realize how much other people can affect you. Our program, is a Master's of Science, Applied. in nursing. NOw, what that seems to mean, is that after this 3 year program, we will be RN's, with a M.Sc. to me, what that equates into is: i will be a "Regular nurse," but with a greater understanding of in-depth theory and practice in a clinical specialty... the ability to be a bit more of a leader/avanced practicioner.

I think what people are getting worried about is the "self directed learning" and the rumours that when we first get into clinical settings, and when we first start to work, we are going to feel a little lost.... since, really, we aren't nurses yet. and, we will learn to be them, but, in a different way than undergrads get.

at any rate. i think that i am happy to be sure that i am where i am supposed to be. despite the fact that i want "lots of clinical experience" i know that theory is soooo essential to know, because with knowing that, you can really be a person that expands practice, and uses "evidence based" practice, and knows how to lead people... and, to me, that is what i need.

oh, and i also need a computer. i don't like sitting in the library to do this work.

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Bonnieupnorth said...

Amelia your link did not work for the rowing team but here is the English and French version...Rowing Club of the University of Montreal. From Wikipedia,

Le Club d'aviron de l'Université de Montréal (CAUM) est le premier et seul club d' aviron universitaire francophone en Amérique.

The Rowing Club of the University of Montreal (CAUM) is the first and only club of rowing francophone university in America. Étant le seul club d'aviron universitaire au Québec avec l' Université McGill , le CAUM participera à partir de 2009 au championnat des sports universitaires ontariens (OUA).

As the only university rowing club in Quebec with the McGill University, the CAUM participate from 2009 to championship sports university in Ontario (OAU).

Le CAUM se déplace également aux États-Unis pour plusieurs régates : la Head of the Fish de Saratoga , la Head of the Charles à Boston , la Dad Vail Regatta à Philadelphie ...

The CAUM also moves the United States for several races: the Head of the Fish in Saratoga, the Head of the Charles in Boston, the Dad Vail Regatta in Philadelphia ...

Le CAUM est affilié au club d'aviron de Montréal qui prête son matériel et ses installations pour le programme universitaire.

The CAUM is affiliated rowing club in Montreal that lends its equipment and facilities for the university program.

Establishment and history

Le club d'aviron de l' Université de Montréal s'est créé durant l'été 2008 par Guillaume Callonico , alors étudiant au doctorat en science politique et ancien rameur de haut niveau en France .

The Rowing Club of the University of Montreal was created in summer 2008 by William Callonico, then a doctoral student in political science and former rower high level in France.

Bien que le CAUM soit une association déclarée auprès du registre des entreprises du Québec et de l'Université de Montréal, le département des sports de l'Université de Montréal ne reconnaît pas le CAUM comme une équipe à part entière, interférant grandement dans le développement de ce sport olympique à l'Université.

Although CAUM an association registered with the register of companies in Quebec and the University of Montreal, the sports department of the University of Montreal does not recognize the CAUM as a full team, interfering greatly in the development this Olympic sport at the University.

Le CAUM souhaiterait se faire associer un statut particulier, lui offrant la possibilité de se développer sans prétendre à devenir nécessairement une équipe Carabins

The CAUM would be to associate a special status, giving them the opportunity to grow without necessarily claiming to be a team

The colors of the team

Les couleurs de l'équipe d'aviron de l'Université de Montréal sont le noir, le bleu et le blanc.

The colors of the rowing team at the University of Montreal are black, blue and white.

Le logo reprend une sterne s'envolant par dessus une spirale blanche et bleue dont le centre forme un bateau avec deux paires de rames.

The logo incorporates a tern flying over a blue and white spiral whose center forms a boat with two pairs of oars.

Le choix de cet oiseau, la Sterne, est à l'image de cet exploit de la nature qui parcoure chaque année plus de 38 000 km.

The choice of this bird, Tern, is a reflection of this feat of nature that runs through each year over 38 000 km.

Inscrits dans la volonté de se dépasser, les sternes du club d'aviron de l'UdeM ont la vocation d'exceller et de réussir au meilleur niveau, tant dans les études que dans le sport.

Registered in the will to excel, terns Club Rowing UdeM have the vocation to excel and succeed at the highest level, both in studies and in sports.