Friday, September 4, 2009

animals and i...

I would like to begin this post with some photos.... these are various animals that I encountered during my time in the east... wild? maybe not so much. funny? definitely. and, let me just mention that there may, or may not, be other "amo and animals" photos.

me and monkey at wooden monkey restaurant in halifax

me and lobster at fisheman's market just off the causeway to capebreton. I ate one like this soon after!

me and random dog in Mahone bay, Nova Scotia. Cute town, random carvings.

me and bear in Lower Quebec city.

so, I am done my first week of classes at mcgill. on my way to becoming a nurse! woot! it is funny~ I have such a diversity of classes: pharmacology, physiology, and 3 nursing classes (2 with just my cohort, 1 with some undergrads). but, it is crazy, the first two classes.... well, let us just say that there are *multitudes* of people in them. I walked into the classroom, and I thought "dang. I haven't sat in a class this big since sophomore year. at least they are not grading us on participation!" :rolleyes:
mental note: do not get comfortable in the chairs and fall asleep...

there are 17 of us in my cohort, and we are all girls, except for 1 (of course!). most everyone is from Ontario or quebec, with 2 from the states, one other from vancouver, and one from moldova (but has been in Montreal for 2 years). so, a decent combination of people. we will certainly get to know eachother well over the next 3 years, that is for sure... i wish we had more man-nurses though ;)

I have been feeling pretty overwhelmed with "figuring stuff out." but, tomorrow I get a bed (YAY!), and I also get to ride my bike around, and, i get to go and watch a regatta, and talk to them about rowing, to see if it might work.

meanwhile, I have been finding my way around Mont Real park, figuring that it is nicer to walk through there, than walk the streets to school. Also scoping out running/cycling trails and the such. I anticipate getting back into my "routine" next week. but, one thing is for sure... as a person who does triathlons, and has no triathlons to do right now, I am a little bit at a loss... but, already thinking about next year, and what that is going to bring.

meanwhile, i need to get this (slightly larger than normal) butt out of my tiny montreal room, and get back on the bandwagon. I have been off for long-enough. healthly eating habits, and exercise: here I come. and, be prepared, 'cause this girl is taking you full fledged!

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