Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The team around me!

Every once and a while, something happens that gets me really stoked up for the coming season.  That recently happened.  But first, let me back up a bit...

This coming season is going to be hard & challenging, and I expect it to push my limits.  Not only my limits, but the limits of everyone around me as well:  we often forget about all the people “on the periphery” who help support people’s dreams.  They are the ones that allow crazies like me (someone who holds a full time job, and too many volunteer positions) to succeed.

Recently I received a great notification that I had been chosen as part of the Betty Designs 2015 team! So far, what I like is that as a “silent feminist” I get to be on a virtual team of strong, inspirational women, who are able to come together, network, and encourage each other.  It’s like a free group of new friends! I truly believe that the way women encourage each other is exceptionally empowering.  I also get sweet discounts on sweet training gear, which I will also be able to SHARE WITH YOU!  Keep an eye on this space for discount codes.

Getting this notification got me thinking about all the people who support me in this endeavour for Kona 2015... SO, I present to you, my support team: 

LE_Logo_LimeMy triathlon teamLeading Edge Triathlon Club.  I am going into my third season with this team of incredibles.  I love being able to be with like minded people, who I can see regularly & build deeper friendships with.  The coaching staff is fab, and the workouts are amazing. There are novice racers, elite racers, veteran racers and newbies. This comes together for a fun and fantastic atmosphere. I love working on the board, and love my teammates.

My Triathlon Shop: Pacific Multisport.  John, over at the shop, got me my first wetsuit, and my first cheap-o Garmin.  Ever since then, he has supported me, encouraged me, and kept my equipment working. In reality, he is my #1 sponsor.

My coach:  Doug Giles! I really enjoyed working with him last year & I got a wackload of personal bests.  He is laid back, he is learning to be a great coach, he has great outlook, connections and mentors.  He’s a good fit again this year, and I think he has what it takes to get me to sub-11hrs.

TIGHT CLUB ATHLETICSMy Strength trainer: Keighty at Tight Club is great!  So much fun, and hard work.  When I give her information on things I need to work on, she gets on it.  She keeps me strong, when I loathe making a program for myself.  Perfect.  I pretty sure she is also the hippest person on earth.

My massage therapist: Dave Watt.  This man has magic fingers, and exceptional degrees of knowledge.  Every session I have with him, I leave feeling pumped up and psyched for my year ahead.

Finally, I’d be amiss to forget to say that my biggest support is my husband.  Sean believes in me so so so much, he walks the dog more than he should have to, he will be sacrificing holiday time with me, and missing movies and dinners out.  He says “do it!” when I have silly ideas that aren’t going to harm me, and “think about if you actually have the time and/or money” when I want to do something that isn’t the ideal.  He is my race manager and best friend.  I couldn't do this with out him.

WE are going to have a great year! Everybody get stoked up!!!


Kristin M said...

YAY! Congrats on your new "team"!!

Bonnie said...

Love it! When others like Uncle Don ask what you are up to, I respond " training" and kudos to all the supports behind you Amelia!