Saturday, November 15, 2014

Off season initiatives!

It is Mid-November!  Already!  People are already thinking about Christmas!!! To me, that is crazy.

Time flies when life is busy, and boy, has it every been.  With the "off season," done, it is a time to not think about sports, re-connect with loved ones and the couch, and get vamped for the next year.  This year, however, I realize that I have taken too much on during this time.   I know this, because I constantly feel like there is something else to do, and I am not binge watching any television shows.  I simply don't have time!

I have been filling my time with Board work for Leading Edge Triathlon Club.  2015 is going to be a big season, with possibly some large exciting differences to come!!!  However, this takes a lot of work.  Especially with the upcoming AGM~ I am thankful for the awesome people on the board, who take the work seriously & are fun to work with.  I trust them implicitly.

I have been heading up The {Response}Project at my church, St James Anglican.  Although this doesn't take ridiculous amounts of time, it is something that is always on my mind.  Fundraising, and encouraging people to give regularly to their faith community, is not easy.  It is particularly not easy for people who loathe asking for things (ahem.  me.)  But, it is important!  We give as a response to the amazing things that are being done in our community, by our community and for our community.

I have been doing the final touches for Warm Heart Initiatives fall Silent Auction. It will be held on November 30th at Room for Cream Coffee shop, on Kingsway.  At this point, we have some great donations, such as exercise classes at Tight Club, a 60 minute massage, haircuts, crafts from Malawi, photography, bike jersey... The works :)  I'm pretty excited for the first event of this kind, to raise awareness of the initiatives that are going on.  Come out, and learn.  The money raised will go towards the pre-school feeding program, funds for 3 secondary students in Malawi, and staff salary. You will also be able to see videos and photos from our June trip to Malawi.

Finally, Sean and I got the chance to head off to Tofino last weekend, with some dear friends, Mark and Kim Julien.  It was beautiful fall, crisp, weather.  Not a cloud in sight for most of the days, and wind to make the water powerful and amazing.  The dog was brought along, and we just had a blast!  I was able to catch up with my cousin a bit, we played lots of boardgames, many walks on the beaches were had, a bit of water and yoga time, and lots of hot tubbing!  Sean got some amazing photos, and i have posted my favs below!

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