Monday, March 19, 2012

Things in the near future!

Things are certainly busy these days.

But, thus is life for a graduate in the last month (yep. last month.) of a degree.

Papers are being written and revised again and again and again.
Literature is being searched.
Assignments for the class i am TAing are being graded.
training is putting along (hitting about 13.5 hrs on my biggest week thus far).

I leave Montreal on the 18th of April to race in New Orleans on the 22nd of April and then go back to live in Vancouver.
Those dates are really soon.

But, with all that is going on, there is something about st paddy's day that causes a social obligation to engage in shenanigans and tomfoolery.  I finished an epic 3hr and 40 minute triple brick on saturday morning, only to meet a classmate on my way out of the gym.  Apparently, we were meeting at 2pm to start celebrating this made-up holiday.

2pm?!?!?  really? ugh.  ok, fine.  BUT my social obligations do not require me to stay all night long, FYI. So, some pictures of the tomfoolery with the lovely ladies of the graduate nursing program at McGill are included.  Aren't these girls beautiful!?  I am so proud to be graduating with them on June 5th!  When all you do is spend every day writing papers for 11hrs a day... you gotta give yourself time to go out into the sun with friends, and have a beer or two.  But, one thing that is annoying, is how much garbage is on the streets after all the partying this weekend!!!  so disgusting.  this city looks like a garbage dump along st. Catherine street!

Also, to be mentioned.  the weather in montreal right now is outrageous.  Like summer-time outrage.  Sunny and dry and 18-22 degrees (Celsius, people...)  I was sad on sunday that I have no sandals here to allow my toes to breathe.  But, if that is all I can complain about these days (oh right.  i can complain about my school work as well), life is very very good.

And, also, the roommates.  this girls are fab to.  They are dressed far to warmly for the temperature outside this night.  but, I don't judge, cause they look cute on the stairs.

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bananya said...

can you stop in Chicago on the way to or from New Orleans to visit some Russian girl? :)