Sunday, March 25, 2012


In Celebration of the official first day of spring, that happened 5 days ago, I present to you a time-lapse video of flowers blooming.  I really like how some go super fast, and some are slower.  And how they all go with the catchy background music.  It just makes you feel good.

Couple of big things going on.

#1: it has been BEAUTIFUL in Montreal this last week.  We had a couple days of 20+ weather.  All the snow has melted, and little sprouts are coming out of the ground.  the most disapointing thing, though, is that i only have winter shoes.  and my toes want to be free.  yet, they can't be, because my sandals are in vancouver.  I think that makes a big difference in training, because you just want to be outside.  Despite the HUGE amount of school work that is happening right now, I was able to get a quality 14 hour week in.  but, it has now returned to the seasonal norms, which means: training goes back inside, and toes are not as jealous anymore.

#2: I am going to new york city this week!
I Will be heading out on wednesday night, and back to Montreal on next monday.  at least 2 full days in NYC, and maybe even a little weekend roadtrip to WV/VA/DC.  yet to be determined, but, it will be great to see the city, and hopefully some of my old WVU friends.  oh how I miss them.  It might even include watching a boat race.  can we talk about nostalgia?  its not all fun, but the excuse is that it is for school.  I will be presenting my manuscript on North South Institutional Graduate Nurse Education Partnerships for at an Education Conference at NYU : "Advancing Education in Austere times."  Pretty excited to be presenting at my first conference.  And, I have some pretty smashing clothes to be presenting in.

#3: NOLA 70.3 is a mere 4 weeks away. 
not much to be said about that, other than the overwhelming amount of work to be done between now and then.  Mostly school work.  but also quality training work.  that being said: I am feeling good.  I am hitting my long workouts effectively and efficiently.  it especially feels as if my running has been improving a lot.  and, that makes me happy.  so, we'll see.  I have a big goal for NOLA, but, it has been such a hectic january to now, that i honestly have NO idea if it is a feasible goal.  I've only been outside on my bike 2x as well, so far this year (THIS WEEK!  well, thanks, weather!)   which makes me a little "errrrrr...."

That is about it for now.  because i have to do some of that said work.

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Bonnie said...

That is a great happy spring video and may come to fruition in Alberta once the spring snows stop!