Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Vancouver Sun Run

So, this past sunday, i participated in the Vancouver Sun Run.  It is the largest 10km race in Canada, and the second largest in North America.  I have never ran a 10k, but, it was soooo much fun.  it is a fast race, not a long distance, so you aren't tired, and you can do it without being in stellar/peak shape.  There was almost 60'000 runners registered, but, apparently 44160 showed up.  


as for my results.  I finished in a time of 52:54.  (not too bad, but i think i could do about a 45min if i was training more).  That put me in an overall place of 6027/44160, a division (female 20-24) place of 218/2896, and a gender place of 1263/24866.  so, not tooo shabby. 

but, i think that 10k's are my new favourite thing to do.  i loved the energy flowing from everyone around me.  i had so much adrenaline after the run, that i wanted to keep on going.  i helped a random man finish off strong, with a sprint finish. the adrenaline kept on pumping all afternoon long.  i want more!  i want more!

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