Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3 kicks of the can

This week has been a bleh week!

Even during my last post, I had NO idea.  I was sick last Monday, and I was struck down by the flu.  3.5 days off work in order to cough and hack in bed, and binge watch things like... the bachelor. *cough cough.*  I went from and AWESOME training week, to one where I got nothing.  seriously, 1.5 hrs of exercise all of last week. Some dog walking, but other than that.... zilch. I wished that I could do it, but I was not able to do it.

Then, I had a job interview.  I lost my voice the morning of the interview, and thus, I was an octave lower, scratchy, and whispery throughout.  Despite that, I felt like I did well.  Despite the fact that I felt like I did well, I did not get the position.  Which, was disappointing, as I felt like it was a role that I would be able to grow into and do very well at.  However, I don't yet have the required experience level for it... unfortunately, I pretty much agree with them.  I have the knowledge, I have the ability to put theory into practice, I also have the ability to learn quickly.  But, for the position and location, I need to be able to "take the bull by the horns," so to speak.  I'm not there yet.

Then, last night, when finally, I have been starting to feel better and get training again, I was sidelined by two 70+lbs dogs.  A german sheppard cross tried to hump Ilala, when we were at a local play field.  She swerved to avoid him, and they nailed me in my left knee, causing a ridiculous hyperextension of the joint.  I immediately felt light headed due to the pain, and nauseous.  After laying down for a bit, I was able to eventually get up and weight bear, which was a good sign.  However, that was the decision to not run... again.  I thought that Ironman and I were good for a breakup for a bit.

Fortunately, the seems that it is going to be OK.  A little bit of some ligament sprains, but, after a few days of rest, it should be good to go again... kinda like a twisted ankle, but my knee.  I am so grateful, as it could have been much, much worse.

I am itching to get back to "normal."  Both with training (I have a 1/2 marathon in less than a month, and I want to rock it), and with my job (I will be heading back to outreach nursing at the beginning of March).  I was really looking forward to a new employment possibility, but I am now at least focused and knowledgeable about where I am going to be in a month.  It's been fun at Raven Song public health, and a good change for a while. I will be going back to outreach, having learnt a lot during my line.

Here's to moving through this little slump, and stepping forward. 2015 is still going to be the best year.

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Bonnie said...

But you maintain a positive attitude in midst of all!