Monday, May 12, 2014

Here we go!

I really ought to start writing short, frequent blogs.  But, seriously... who has time!?!?

What has been going on in this little life of mine!?

Well, I have been hammering out personal best times:
In February, at the First Half Marathon, I ran a PB of 1:42:52.
In March, I didn't race.
In April, I ran a "almost" PB of 47:33, having done a 115km bike ride the day before with lots of climbing.
In May, I ran *another* Half Marathon PB of 1:40:46 at the Vancouver BMO race.

Of course, in order to do all that personal best racing, I also have to be training hard.  Training hard, but maintaining sanity is my motto these days.

I have been working working working hard.  It has been very busy at Primary Outreach Services, and I have been really enjoying the work with the clients & am excited about the "system" changes that are happening at work.  Its new and exciting.   Its also stressful at times.

I have also had the chance to take a great little get away to The sunshine coast over easter, where my love and I were able to explore coves and forests and delightful little cafes.  What a joy to get away from the city to such a close little paradise.

and, finally: #myroommatemadison has arrived!  So far, it has been a joy!  She is a great girl, easy to get along, loves her school, with and she loves to clean.  What more can you ask for in a roommate?!

what is coming up?

The next 6 weeks are going to be a marathon!
1) I am going to New Orleans this weekend for Kirsten Melberg's Wedding!  WEeeeeeEEEE!  I am so so so excited to visit that city again, listen and dance to some jazz, see Kirsten and Donna, and just revel in love.
2) Anna and Andrew, friends from St James (and I also work with Andrew) are getting Married on June 1st!!!  love to be at a wedding in our dear city, with our dear friends!
3) I have my first BIG RACE coming up.  Boise 70.3, I am going to rock you.  I will also say it now: my goal is to break 5 hours at this distance.  I am pretty sure this is my year.  Besides, how can you not be stoked for a race that starts at noon?!
4)  I am getting ready for a TRIP TO MALAWI!!!  I am so excited about my 10 day trip in June, when I will be in Malawi to visit Warm Heart Initiative's Partner Project in Thukuta village.
5) I also have a weekend shift.  which is always a shift in planning...

BUT... IT's Spring Time!!!  and that means babies are born, and the weather is dramatic.  Love it.

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Bonnie said...

Lots ahead and glad to see time to blog again...your blog stalking mama bear!