Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Year!

HURRAH!  IT IS 2012!

I celebrated the new year by taking a ferry on New Year's eve, from Victoria to Vancouver (i know, amazing, right?  but... it was only 5% full, which is shocking...).  I have been in Van-city since then, and will be returning to montreal on Friday.  

Coming back to canada has been better than I thought it would go.  Only about 2 break-down-and-cry moments.  I think, that the reason why it has been easier than planned is that I have been able to spend time with my beloved, and also his family~  his parents live part time in Laos, which makes talking about international-work & living & differences in cultural aspects very easy.  nice to transition with. 

also, it has been filled with fun things.  Like going to the Kinsol Trestle.   and going on my first bike ride since august 20th (um... can we say sore butt and legs and back and hands?).  and drinking good coffee and wine and ciders, and eating good food.  watching movies (um, hello watching the complete LOTR extended version trilogy). So.... NO complaining.  and... boy, does it feel good to be in vancouver.  to reconnect with my friends, to know that it is not going to be ridiculously cold, go to my home church, be familiar with what to do and where to go.  sigh.  i do love this city.  and, I am glad to call it my canadian home. 

I am filled with HUGE anticipation for the new year.  Things that I know it will include:

  1. graduation from my M.Sc (A) in Nursing.
  2. Moving back to Vancouver permanently
  3. A wedding
  4. A honeymoon
  5. Finding a nursing job
And, even with those things happening, I hope there will be one or two more things that might happen:
  1. qualification for 70.3 worlds, and movement towards 5hrs for the 1/2 iron distance
  2. moving into a house/condo/basement suite ;) that can be called "ours" and home.
  3. loss of 15 lbs (to help with goal #1)
  4. helping in the steps towards the establishment of being a "official Canadian not-for-profit" for Warm Heart Missions, in Malawi. 

and for now...  I think that is pretty good.  I can't wait for this year.  life is rolling along, and it is rolling along very quickly!  

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