Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I have been back in Montreal since Friday the 6th.   And, in many ways, it actually feels really good to be back.  Which, I know, might be shocking to you!  the first few days didn't feel good... I missed the boy I like love, it is fricken cold here, conversations that i was having were somewhat frustrating, and I was just wanting to be half way around the world again.  but, things have been going on an upward swing, which is a relief.

In the past couple days, I have had great conversations that have just hit the spot.  You know those conversations... the ones that allow you to reflect on the past, and get prepared for the future.

I am sub-letting a room for 4 months, with two beautiful girls, L and R.  And, to tell you the truth, it is a big risk (for both them and me) to sub-lease to someone they have never met... no matter how much you exchange via email and "social media" you truely cannot know someone until you meet them face to face.  The other night, R and I sat for 4 hours talking about life, and relationship, and moving forward, and past experiences, and common things that we relate on.  To me what was the most wonderful about this conversation was not only did I get to know my new roommate more, and share about myself, but also, it reminded me about how grateful I am for the relationships that I have had, and do have in my life.
it reminded me that the people I have met in the past can play a part in my life today, but the people that are here now are SO PERFECT for me... the person i have in my life right now is so perfect for me.  and it is so good to know that, and to feel that.  it really gives me the warm fuzzies, and butterflies in my stomach to think about how much i love that person.

Last night, I got to go out with the girls from the global health stream...  The 5 of us have been "abroad" (Thailand, Tanzania, Montreal, Rapid Lake, and Malawi) for last semester.  ANd, we have each had such unique experiences.  and, as we sat last night talking over mussels and wine, it just struck me about what an amazing opportunity we were given.  It hit me, how there is rarely the chance that you are going to have a conversation about having lunch with people who use the sex trade, or about public health campaigns on male circumcision, or about corruption and black market trade occurring on a day-to-day basis, or about common goals and desires that people in the world have, or about the horrendous living situations that many Canadian Aboriginal populations live in... those conversations just don't happen on a day-to-day basis here in Canada.

what a moment to sigh out.  what a moment to be so grateful for what I have experienced, and been given.  What a moment to be thankful about the moments that other people have experienced.  it is just so refreshing to talk to.people.who.get.it.

So, with an attempt to not go on forever, I want to say 3 things that I am anticipating for the future, and 3 things that thankful from that have happened in the past.

5 thankful things for the future:
1)  This boy.  and the delight of knowing that we will be witnesses to each other's lives. and how we are going to live and work in vancouver, and build a life together, and the possibilites that all of that means.  calling someone and someplace, home.
2)  Big goals for Triathlon for the next 1.5 years.  Goals that include NOLA 70.3 in April.  And desires to quality for Vegas.  And do the big dance at Ironman Canada in August 2013.

3)  Dedicating time and effort and vision to Warm Heart Missions, a grassroot Malawian educational and medical non-profit organization that I just LOVE.  

5 things thankful from the past:
1)  Despite it being one of the hardest hikes I have done in a really long time... Hiking from the Mushroom Farm, close to Livingstonia, up across the Nyika Plateau to Chelinda Camp, and a wild truck ride down to Rumphi.  And getting my feet the dirtiest I have ever had them.  

2) Past relationships with guys that (in the good and bad) I have learnt from, grown from, and moved forward from.  

3) Rowing in west virginia, and the lessons I learnt for life and for sport.  THe friendships I build with women that I love to this day, and the delight of being paid to do a sport that I love.

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