Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ruth and Makayla come to town

So, at the end of May, beginning of June, the lovely Ruth Thompson from my Segue (Africa/Mercyships/Anastasis/Liberia) trip came to visit for 2 weeks. I was priviledged to know that she came all the way from Leeds, England, to come see me....

 During that two weeks, for 5 days, my niece Makayla came to visit from Edmonton.  

In that time, we went to Seattle, Tofino, and spent time in Vancouver.  Courtesy of Ruth, here are some of the photos.  WHen i get mine developed, I will post some more.

Driving the *really nice, free upgraded* Rental car in Seattle.  This is probably close to when i was about to die because I had to pee so badly, and proceeded to do a "chinese fire drill" in DT seattle so i could hop out, go to starbucks, and use the washroom.

Ruth and I at Prospect point, in Stanley Park.  We saw a racoon there, soon after.

Jericho Beach, on a friday night.  This is Me, Ruth, and Makayla, playing "America's top model." Can't you tell?

Myself, and my stunning, beautiful, and amazing 12 year old niece.  What a privilege to have her in my life, and to have similar big toothy grins.

In Uculelet, day one on the West Coast of Vancouver Island. Short, 5 km hike.

On the Whale watching/wildlife/hotsprings tour boat in Tofino.

Tofino hotsprings.  Deciding to get wet?

Getting wet.


Bonnieupnorth said...

Toothy grins I agree but lots of fun!

SCC said...

i love the photo's!

Anonymous said...

love you sweet amo! thanks for the nice comment! ill hug africa for you :)

Anonymous said...


I saw your pictures on the net and thought I would coment. I'm the owner of the Boat and Company you took to the Hot Springs.
Hello from your friends at
The Whale Centre.
Great photos.