Tuesday, June 10, 2008


so, it has been quite a while since my last post, but here we go.  I will give a brief update of why i have not posted, and what is going on in my life these days....

1) i have had visitors.  the lovely Ruth Thompson, from Sunderland, in England came for two weeks.  She is a friend of mine from the anastasis, who took Segue course with me. the time was way too quick, and i think we packed a whole lot of activities in.  As well, for 5 days during that time, my super-cool niece, Makayla (from Edmonton), came to visit.  She consistently reminds me how amazing it is to have a neice, and how much fun it is to spend time with family, and how it takes a village to raise a child, not just parents. And, although i miss them both, it is nice to have a bit of time for myself, and not feel responsible for other people's happiness ;)  

2) i have had triathlons on my mind.  my first Tri will be on July 13th, in Squamish.  when i don't think about work, or school, or MCAT's, i think about tri's.  my dad is going to buy me a wetsuit for my birthday, and i am sooooooo thankful/excited about that.  I will now not have the chance of catching hypothermia.  
in addition, i watched the World Cup Tri in vancouver on sunday. it was the last qualifying race previous to the olympics, so all the best triathletes in the world were here, and it was amazing to watch.  the women were inspirational, and the men were just unbelieveable.  they are soooooo fast and fit and have nice bikes.  

and, in other recent athletic ridiculous-ness:

3) school, MCAT studying, and work are always on my plate.  I have to focus on the MCAT, because once again, i am starting to get panic-y about not getting into medical school, and what would happen if i dont.  cause, a lot of people don't get in.  but, i'm not getting overly stressed about it. i can just do my best, and go from there.  I'm working a lot, but loving my job (still).  unfortunently, 2 of our trainers are moving on, and i will miss them around the facility, a lot.  Audrey, Tony, please don't remove yourselves from my life outside of work.

4) people in vancouver love to talk about the weather.  perhaps it is because the weather outside feels like it is feburary.  if you look at the calendar, it is June.  what the hell is going on.?!?!  who do we need to talk to about this, to log our complaints?

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