Wednesday, February 20, 2008


HUGE day in politics yesterday, both locally and globally...
in no particular order, some of the things that happened:

1)BC budget was announced, with a carbon tax to be implemented in July. This means higher gas prices at the pump, and higher prices to heat your house. this is great to make drivers in city's think about how much they spend to drive, but what about rural communities, who *need* to drive 4x4 trucks to get around, and have no public transportation, but can't afford more expensive gas?

2) Kosovo declared independence. USA has acknowledged the seperation, but, we haven't heard from Canada yet.

3) Barack Obama won wisconsin. he is continuing to sweep forward in polls.

4) In Cuba, Fidel Castro handed his presidency to his younger bro.

5) In Pakistan, Musharraf was defeated in the general elections, showing a turn of confidence towards democracy, and not dictatorship.

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