Tuesday, November 20, 2007

nice surprises

every once and a while, a surprise hits out of the blue.

I have recently started (in september) working as a personal trainer, at a fitness studio in the point grey area of vancouver. It is certainly different from working at the bike shop on commercial drive, as well as at MEC. It is a totally different atmosphere, and clients vs customers. Of course, there are great things about it, and other things which are sometimes frustrating. For instance, there is definently a group of people that when working out, just loooooove to complain about every exercise. And, i bet that you can imagine how much I appreciate that. anyways, i had a frustrating client yesterday, which put me a little out of sorts...

but, I had two clients immediately after whom I really enjoy working with. So, rah rah rah, having a conversation about my impending trip to whistler with Christina, and Zach, and his brother ben. we have been planning on staying in the youth hostel up there, which is nice, but a little distance from the hill, in a dorm, etc, etc. but, only 35$. so, you can understand the appeal. Anyway, this client says "well, I have a proposition for you, that I have been thinking about... what are the dates that you are going to whistler, and how much are you paying for the hostel?" so, i told her, and this was her proposition. That for an extra 10$ per person, per night, we can rent her condo!!!! i'm saying! this condo is 3 floors, 4 bed/3bath, full kitchen, jacuzzi tub, rah rah rah. for 180$ a night. i could not believe it.

literally, i could barely contain myself. i pretty much was jumping up and down with excitement. and, in saying thanks, she responded "well, I know how excited you are about your friends coming to visit, and showing them whistler, and getting a good break." it is soooo generous of her, and really, unnecessary. but, alas. it gives me warm fuzzies when people share the things that they are priviledged to have.

i am sooooooo excited. this December/christmas is going to be aaaaamazing. I will definently be in large need of a break, and being able to relax in a condo, have a good christmas dinner, and snowboard on Whistler/Blackcomb will be astounding! here are the following people, that I will be seeing, and who they are, and the last time I saw them:

Terry Lui: visiting from the 10th to 18th. Friend from highschool. Saw him over thanksgiving in edmonton, but previous to that, at least 2 years. our friendship has been rekindling over the fall. pretty excited about this one.

Jessie Vredevelt: My best girlfriend, from Mercy ships. Saw her in the summer, when she came to take care of me when i broke my arms. She will be in whistler with her boyfriend while terry is here, so we are going to meet for dinner on the 16th.

Kevin Shon: One of my top 3 guys from West Virginia. he is so close to my heart, but far away geographically. havent seen him since Aug 2005. he will be in seattle for two weeks. somehow we are going to find a way to see eachother.

Zach Mauss: My best guy friend. saw him in august.

Christina Lansley: my best girlfriend. Havent seen her since Feb 2005. Coming from washington, DC, for 10 days! yay!!!!

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