Tuesday, November 13, 2007

In rememberance

So, I would like to begin with the fact that I am moving over from my long-running Xanga blog. www.xanga.com/that_canadian_rower.
For a number of reasons, I think.
1)many of my friends are on blogspot now.
2)i dont really post very frequently there anymore. (not meaning that i will post frequently here, either, but, you know...)
3)im not a rower anymore. so, maybe it is time to not go under the "that_Canadian_rower" name.
4) maybe it is just for a change.

Blogging, for me, is a funny thing. because, in reality, who are we to think that our thoughts are interesting enough to be read by other people? but, it is a bit of an outlet, I suppose. and, if people really have the desire to keep up with you, they can...

so, Sunday was remembrance day. Veterans day in the states. here in canada, the Poppy lapel pin comes out in abundance, to remember Canadian soldiers. The significace, i think i remember, is that poppies, previous to the 1st world war did not grow a lot on battle fields. But, during the war, poppies started to grow in Flander's field in abundance. so, it became a symbol of remembrance.

I got caught on my bike admist thousands of people in downtown vancouver, in order to watch the Remembrance day parade. It was nice to see, even though I didn't plan on it. It actually made me a bit emotional. mostly, because I think of my two friends, Sam and Zach, who are LT's in the American Army. Sam is on his way home from Iraq, any day now. Zach is in training. Sam will soon be a vet, Zach will eventually go on the field. but, here is to them. The two soldiers in my life. To both of you, on remembrance day.


Sarah said...

mm, I have had the same thought recently about switching over to blogspot. esp since it's connected to the google account now!

Bonnieupnorth said...

Hi....found you and I wont be switching but do have alot of other northern bloggers who use this and also find it abit easier than xanga because of the ability to leave comments. Cheers

Christina said...

Love the new blog. Will see you soon!! :~)