Saturday, February 18, 2017

Book Suggestions

Earlier in the year, I asked a few friends about suggestions for books that they would recommend for my study this year.  I can tell already that it will take a little bit of effort on my behalf... I have not regularly read books for quite a while, so I will have to actually carve out the time.

Maybe i can cut out the time when I normally watch the bachelor (ugh, can we just take a moment to say that Nick V is SO lame? but how excited are we for the next season of the bachelorette?!)  to read a bit about spirituality and suffering.

SO, here is the main list of books and authors suggested.  I will have to pick out the ones I will actually read, caus this is way to much to get through.   I wonder if anyone has any suggestions as to a order I should attempt to read them in...  Any thoughts? Does anyone want to join me in reading some of these?

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