Saturday, July 25, 2015

A little thought to sleep on.

It's the eve of Ironman Canada, and I will close my eyes in 3 minutes.

People keep asking if his is my first ironman.  I did challenge penticton in 2013, so no.  Somehow this feels very different.  I think I have greater expectations.  I've put more forward onto this race.  When I toe the line tomorrow AM with 100 other women in my age group, and far more other competitors, I will just be so thankful and grateful and excited. 

There are going to be a lot of fast women out there.  I am going to do the journey, controlling all that I can, and letting go all that I can't.  I will fill the dark spaces with flowers and rainbows, and high rive as many people a possible.  I will try to dance down the finish chute.

Thank you for doing this journey with me.  For believing in me, for pushing me, for laughing with me.  For not getting annoyed with me and ironman talk. For feeding me lots of food, and forgiving me when I'm too tired.  Thank you for inspiring me with your words and your own training, and your support of one another.  Thank you for leading me, for teaching me and for loving me.

The journey has been going for a long time.  This is where it rolls out, and I am so so so stoked to be on it!

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